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Saturday, November 22, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 23, 2014) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

 THE ECONOMIST: Quantum biology. How quantum theory is helping to explain the mysteries of life science

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS: The Genetics Epidemic. The Revolution in DNA Science -- And What To Do About It

 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Neuronal "Superhub" Might Generate Consciousness. Could a thin, enigmatic layer of nerve cells be a key component of the networks generating conscious experience?

 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Amazon and Google Change Places on Going Green. Google recently explained its pullback on sustainability while Amazon has just announced a "long-term commitment" to achieve 100 percent renewable energy use

 FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Oxford University researchers trial drugs against Ebola

 FORBES: Cloud Computing Adoption Continues Accelerating In The Enterprise

 THE REGISTER: Renewable energy 'simply WON'T WORK': Top Google engineers. Windmills, solar, tidal - all a 'false hope', say Stanford PhDs

 IBM: Does ubiquitous connectivity mean less security? Take a closer look at today’s security risks—from new threats arising on the Internet of Things, to the sources of malware and botnet infections

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Drones Sighted by Pilots Landing at JFK Airport in New York City Show New Risks. One Drone Came Within 5 to 10 Feet of a Jetliner’s Wing

 TECH CRUNCH: Makerclub Helps You Learn 3D-Printed Robotics

 IEEE Spectrum: DARPA Wants to Turn Military Planes Into Flying Drone Aircraft Carriers

 FUTURE OBSERVATORY: China unveils first amphibious UAV

 THE ECONOMIST: If Obama's actions really do defy the people's will, Republicans will soon be in a great place to undo them

 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Banking Culture Primes People to Cheat

 NEW YORK TIMES: In Change of Strategy, China Cuts Interest Rate

 WASHINGTON POST: How the United States can counter the ambitions of Russia and China

 BLOOMBERG: Printable Rockets, Brought to You by Geeks With Deep Pockets : IARPA unveils work on predictive intelligence

 GIZMODO: These Tiny Robots Are Designed To 3D Print Whole Buildings

 Archinect: Mini-robots may outcompete 3D printing in the evolution of construction


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Friday, November 21, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 22, 2014) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

 BBC NEWS: Robots face new test of creative abilities. A US professor is proposing a new way to test whether artificial intelligence (AI) is on a par with that of humans.

 FINANCIAL TIMES: Google break-up plan emerges from Brussels. The European parliament is poised to call for a break-up of Google, in one of the most brazen assaults so far on the technology group’s power.

 THE ECONOMIST: Is Germany’s economy getting too weak to pull Europe out of its crisis?

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: When Can We Expect Truly Autonomous Vehicles?

 FINANCIAL TIMES: Surgeons embrace 3D printed implants to save NHS time and cash. From complex reconstructive facial surgery to dentures and hip implants, surgeons across the UK are using 3D printing to improve treatments and save time and money for the National Health Service.

 FORBES: Is the US Stock Market Unhealthy?

 FORBES: Businesses Don't Move To The Cloud: DATA Does

 GIGAOM: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:   Amazon and Google Change Places on Going Green. Google recently explained its pullback on sustainability while Amazon has just announced a "long-term commitment" to achieve 100 percent renewable energy use.

 FUTURE OBSERVATORY: How brain cells persuade other cells to do ‘the wave’

 FUTURE OBSERVATORY: How neurons multitask

 FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Georgia Tech professor proposes another alternative to the Turing test. The Lovelace 2.0 Test of Artificial Creativity and Intelligence assesses a computer's capacity for human-level intelligence by its ability to create, rather than to converse or deceive

 FUTURE OBSERVATORY: China and ‘one or two others’ can shut US electric grids and other critical infrastructure, says NSA director

THE ECONOMIST:  VLADIMIR PUTIN is not short of problems, many of his own creation. There is the carnage in eastern Ukraine, where he is continuing to stir things up. There are his fraught relations with the West, with even Germany turning against him now. There is an Islamist insurgency on his borders and at home there is grumbling among the growing numbers who doubt the wisdom of his Ukraine policy. But one problem could yet eclipse all these: Russia’s wounded economy could fall into a crisis.

 THE WIRE: It's Totally Normal That Joe Biden's Son (Hunter Biden) Works for a Ukrainian Energy Company

 BBC NEWS: Ukraine crisis: Joe Biden warns Russia faces 'isolation'

 Phys.Org: Engineering team increases power efficiency for future computer processors

 Phys.Org: Multiphysics invisibility cloak manipulates both electric current and heat

The Week Magazine:   How quantum computing could change everything. It could revolutionize encryption — and help us peer even deeper into the underlying fabric of reality

 WIRED: New Quantum Theory Could Explain the Flow of Time

 NEW SCIENTIST: What's behind snowmageddon that hit the US this week?

BLOOMBERG: Top U.S. diplomat under FBI investigation after conversation involving Pakistani official:


 TIME: Hong Kong Protest Sites Slammed By ‘Largest Cyberattack Ever’

COMPUTERWORLD: Google to build quantum-computing processors. Google has partnered with scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara to build new processors for use in quantum computing systems.

 CIO MAGAZINE: Intel planning thumb-sized PCs for next year

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: 3D Printed Human Liver Tissue Now Commercially Available by Organovo


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FUTURISM UPDATE (November 21, 2014) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

CleanTechnica: Biomimicry Run Amok: New Micro Air Vehicles Can Swarm Like Bees

FINANCIAL TIMES:  Space junk or Russian satellite killer?  It is a tale that could have come from the cold war. A mysterious object launched by the Russian military is being tracked by western space agencies, stoking fears over the revival of a defunct Kremlin project to destroy satellites.

 TECH CRUNCH: Eric Schmidt’s Farm2050 Collective Will Back Agriculture Tech To Feed Earth’s Growing Population

CIO MAGAZINE:  Brace yourselves, Singularity is inevitable: Andrew McAfee. Medium-skilled wages are slipping, says MIT research scientist. It’s not too hard to see a world where humans struggle to stay relevant as machines far outpace their intelligence and capabilities. This is what Andrew McAfee, research scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of The Second Machine Age, discussed at the Gartner Symposium on the Gold Coast.

 TECH CRUNCH: Eric Schmidt’s Farm2050 Collective Will Back Agriculture Tech To Feed Earth’s Growing Population

 Washington Post: HP’s bold plan to become the first mainstream 3D printing company

 Reuters: Russia warned the United States on Thursday against supplying arms to Ukrainian forces fighting pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, hours before U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden was due to arrive in Kiev.

 Engadget: JFK Airport has a drone problem


Manufacturing Business Technology:  Will Robots Replace Humans? American manufacturing has had great success in automating factories with robots and computers in the last 50 years, and computers are now eliminating many service jobs. This has caused a lot of speculation about how far artificial intelligence can be developed. Universities and scientists also add to the excitement by promoting artificial intelligence with futuristic potentials as they try to get their share of federal grant money. The big question that often arises is, when will computers be able to emulate humans and become self aware and intelligent? Facial recognition software to aid Calgary police in future investigations. 1st police agency in Canada to use the software, say Calgary officials

 NEW YORK TIMES: In Argentina’s Debt Case, No Winners, but a Lot of Losers.

 FORTUNE: Google's Larry Page: The most ambitious CEO in the universe

 ENGINEERING: 3D Printed Micro-Actuators Could Delever the Medicine of the Future


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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 20, 2014) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

 HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: The Cognitive Usefulness of the Internet of Things

ZDNet: Internet of things: Poised to be a security headache? Nearly 95 percent of enterprises are at least concerned about the security of the Internet of things. Here's a look at a potential security model.

 CNNMoney: FAA can regulate drones

 CBS News: NTSB ruling rattles America's fledgling drone industry

 Wall Street Journal: GE Ventures Flies Into the Drone Business With Airware Investment

 The Guardian: Putin gives envoy cool welcome after declaring US 'wants to subjugate' Russia. The Russian president says little to John Tefft but declares the country ‘ready for practical cooperation with our American partners’

 The Independent: Is Russia flying a satellite killer around space? Unidentified Russian satellite prompts space weapon worries

 Yahoo! Maktoob News: Oil falls below $86 as oversupply, global economy worries weigh

 Washington Post: Japan recession, Europe stagnation cast pall over global economic outlook

 FINANCIAL TIMES: France warns EU investment fund will flop without ‘real money

 THE ECONOMIST: A bid to put encrypted data into a kind of time capsule gets a kick-start

 New York Times: French Nuclear Giant Areva Says Future Is Uncertain, Prompting a Sell-Off

 Forbes: Here's The Future Of Podcasting

 THE DIPLOMAT: India Needs to Join Asia’s Emerging ‘Chinese Order’

MIT Technology Review:  An Artificial Adhesive Outgrips the Gecko. Gecko-inspired adhesives can help humans climb and may provide a better grip for robotic arms in factories and in space.

 GIZMAG: Mobile phones could be charged using sound. Four years ago, we first heard about how Korean scientists had proposed using sound to charge mobile phones. They explained that it could be done via a piezoelectric effect, in which zinc oxide nanowires converted sound-caused vibrations into...more

 THE DAILY SIGNAL: Why Does Washington Want to Hide Science Data From the Public?

 Reuters: Ukraine rules out direct talks with separatists

 The Guardian: Bird flu: Ukraine bans poultry imports from UK, Germany and Netherlands. Ukraine’s state veterinary inspectorate says ban will be valid until international watchdog says countries are free from virus

 FORBES: What Does Genworth's Bad News Mean for the Future of Long-Term Care Insurance?

 Huffington Post: Three Causes Behind Mexico's Crisis of Corruption and Impunity

 Wall Street Journal: Bank of Mexico Lowers Growth Estimates

 Al Jazeera America: Mexico is teetering on the edge of the abyss. Peña Nieto’s government deflects attention as corruption and rampant violence threaten to destabilize the country

 SPACE NEWS: British Company Announces Crowdfunded Lunar Mission

 SPACE NEWS: China’s Deceptively Weak Anti-Satellite Capabilities

 FUTURE OBSERVATORY: The Future of the Cities? Underground cities are the future of business

CNBC:   The future of energy: You may be walking on it.  Energy "harvesting"—where incidental energy like radio waves, heat and vibrations are harnessed for power—is not a new concept, but the technology to support the idea is getting better. Just as today the kinetic force of a swinging arm can power a wristwatch, some technologists are betting that in the future pedestrians' footsteps can light a city.

 POPULAR SCIENCE: The Future Of Antibiotics May Come From A Horse's Behind

 Financial Times: Atul Gawande’s Reith lectures on the future of medicine. “Why Do Doctors Fail”

Russia and India Report:  The future of aerospace technology is now.  Federated Satellite Systems, a radical breakthrough developed by researchers at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and partner institutions abroad, is a revolution equal to what Uber/ Yandex Taxi and Zipcar have done for the taxi and personal transportation industries.

 Voice of America: Mysterious Russian Space Object May Be Anti-Satellite Warfare Technology

 Russia Beyond the Headline: Laser warfare: Sci-fi fantasy or future reality?

“...The key message is that the only constant is change, and the rate of change is increasing ... Technology is transforming every single industry ..."

 BBC News: Mexico crime and violence in numbers

New York Times:   Researchers Announce Advance in Image-Recognition Software.   Two groups of scientists, working independently, have created artificial intelligence software capable of recognizing and describing the content of photographs and videos with far greater accuracy than ever before, sometimes even mimicking human levels of understanding

 Tech Times: Google Photo Recognition Goes Beyond Objects


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 19, 2014) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

FINANCIAL TIMES: Object 2014-28E – Space junk or Russian satellite killer? It is a tale that could have come from the cold war. A mysterious object launched by the Russian military is being tracked by western space agencies, stoking fears over the revival of a defunct Kremlin project to destroy  ....

 ZDNET: Data science: 'Machines do analytics. Humans do analysis'

 TIME: New York Is Transforming Its Old Payphones into Wi-Fi Hotspots

 Forbes: Databox Launches Enterprise Mobile Insight Solution. But Is It Analytics?

 Hospitality Net: Big data and big analytics are a big opportunity for hotels - Part 2

 Financial Times: The nuclear gun is back on the table. Both in private and in public, Russia is making explicit references to its nuclear arsenal

 Financial Times: Bonds: Anatomy of a market meltdown. Fall in Treasury bond yields left investors asking if world’s safe haven needs shoring up

 Financial Times: Nokia partners with Foxconn to take on Apple with tablet device

The Financial Times observes that President Putin and President Obama are threatening each other with their respective nuclear arsenal. We are getting closer to M.A.D. WWIII.

 Financial Post: Who will blink first as global oil prices collapse?

 Christian Science Monitor: Halliburton, Baker Hughes merge as oil prices plummet

 COMPUTER WORLD: Yahoo's Genome highlights hosted big data analytics trend. Several companies have begun offering big data analytics as a service

 BLOOMBERG: Nigeria Budget-Cut Pledge Falls Short as Oil Prices Drop

 Bloomberg: Oil Slide Prompts Iran’s Oil Minister to Visit U.A.E.

 WIRED: Leading the Way for Big Data Startups, Yahoo Spin-Off Files for IPO

 MIT Technology Review: Driving Marketing Results with Big Data

 MIT Technology Review: Machine-Learning Algorithm Ranks the World's Most Notable Authors. Deciding which books to digitise when they enter the public domain is tricky; unless you have an independent ranking of the most notable authors.

 MIT Technology Review: Nanoparticle Detects the Deadliest Cancer Cells in Blood. A novel kind of nanoparticle could lead to more effective cancer treatments.

 MIT Technology Review: When AI Experts Have “It’s Alive!” Moments. Occasionally virtual assistants like Siri show flashes of humanity that suggest they could one day act like more than just software. Expect Gold, Silver prices to trade on lower note: Angel

 The Market Oracle: Gold, Silver, Crude and S&P Ending Wedge Patterns

 Center for Research on Globalization: Gold and Silver Price Manipulation: The “Golden” Cat is Out of The Bag! Vladimir Putin vows that United States 'will never subjugate Russia' Russian president echoes Al Capone as he says 'weapons and politeness' are better than 'politeness alone'

 New York Times: Who Won in Putin’s Feud With West? Organic Farms

 Reuters: Isolated at G20, Putin shows he will do it his way in Ukraine

 The Guardian: Finland back on red alert over expansionist Russia. Almost a century after breaking free from its giant neighbour Helsinki still follows Moscow’s every move

 BBC News: Russia tests 'satellite catcher'. Russia may be testing a satellite capable of chasing down other orbiting spacecraft, observers say. Such technology could be used for a wide variety of uses, including to repair malfunctioning spacecraft, but also to destroy or disable them.

 Washington Post: A mysterious Russian space object could be the return of the ‘satellite killer’

 New York Times: Merkel Issues Rebuke to Russia, Setting Caution Aside

 Bloomberg: Russia Sees Recession Next Year If Oil Price Falls to $60

 National Post: Vladimir Putin’s plan: He took Crimea. He’s taunting NATO. What will Russia’s president do next?

MOSCOW TIMES:  Russia's Isn't the Only 'Satellite Killer' in Space. A previously unknown Russian spacecraft conducting maneuvers characteristic of a satellite killer has sparked concerns that Russia's military provocations may soon extend to space, but experts say Russia is not the only major space power developing agile — and potentially deadly — capabilities in Earth's orbit. Western space agencies, militaries and amateur observers are tracking a mysterious Russian satellite that could be a satellite hunter — a spacecraft that trails enemy satellites and then destroys or disables them, The Financial Times reported on Monday. Amid Russia's showdown with the West over Ukraine the discovery looks ominous, but all the big space-faring nations — Russia, China and the U.S. — are developing similar capabilities, Robert Christy, a veteran amateur satellite tracker, told The Moscow Times by phone.

 MOSCOW TIMES: Russia Readies for Showdown Over Taxing Offshore Companies

 Deutsche Welle: Sticking points remain in Iran nuclear dispute

 Deutsche Welle: 'No reason for optimism' over Ukraine. With tensions high between Russia and the West over Ukraine, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is in Moscow for high-level talks. He is the first senior European minister to visit the Kremlin since July.

 CIO: How to Be the CIO of Tomorrow

 Wall Street Journal: Japan to Name Hiromichi Mizuno CIO of Public Pension Fund. Mizuno Currently a Partner at Private-Equity Firm Coller Capital

 Computerworld: 10 hottest IT skills for 2015

 PCWorld: Google program mimics human brains and vision to automatically caption photos

 PCWorld: Intel turns to light beams to speed up supercomputers

 PCWorld: China disrupts some websites linked to US content delivery network

 SWISS INFO: Jail time demanded for bad bankers

 New York Times: What Does the Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline Entail? The Keystone oil pipeline system is designed to carry up to 830,000 barrels of petroleum per day from the oil sands of boreal forests in Alberta, Canada to oil refineries and ports on the Gulf Coast.

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Dragon Net. China's Next Economic Miracle. With 632 million Internet users, China has already become the world’s largest e-tailing market, with almost $300 billion in sales posted in 2013.

 REUTERS: Lufthansa signs $1.25 billion outsourcing deal with IBM

 Broadway World: Capgemini Announces Cloud-Based SAP Software Implementation Project with Excelerate Energy

 ZME Science: Robot Underwater Gliders show How Antarctic Ice is Melting

 ABC News: A physics professor at the California Institute of Technology sued the school Thursday, claiming she faced a "merciless campaign" of retaliation for telling the FBI that she suspected illegal activities at the university-managed NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

 Salt Lake Tribune: Google buys Dutch wind energy for data center

 New Zealand Herald: Why Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are buying up wind energy

New Scientist:  Is mystery Russian spacecraft a satellite-killer? Is it watching the watchers? Russia has launched a spacecraft that is whizzing around low Earth orbit visiting satellites, it emerged this week. The mystery craft has renewed fears that Russia has revived its interest in developing anti-satellite weapons, a programme thought to have been abandoned in the 1980s.|NSNS|2012-GLOBAL|online-news#.VGvuB8n5N30

 SLATE: Why Putin may be more dangerous than ever:

 FORBES: Lighter Than Air? Toyota's Quixotic Plan To Sell Hydrogen Cars Feels Almost Real

 BLOOMBERG: Catalonia’s Independence Push Puts Real Estate Revival at Risk

IrishCentral:  If Spain breaks up, what are the implications for Northern Ireland?

BUSINESSWEEK:  Quebec and Scotland Said No to Secession, but Catalonia Is Still Going to Try

 BBC News: Ukraine crisis: Russia demands guarantees from Nato

Recruiter: One third of jobs in the UK are at risk from automation within 20 years, according to a joint report from Deloitte and Oxford University.

 Smithsonian: Look How 30 Years of Automation Changed How Crayons Are Made

 Daily Mail: Will YOUR job still exist in 2025? New report warns 50 per cent of occupations will be redundant in 11 years time

 Wall Street Journal: The Problem With Blind Faith in Technology and Job Creation The Headwinds That Could Lead to a Global Depression


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FUTURISM UPDATE (November 18, 2014) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

 The Economist: Genetically modified crops. The biggest study so far finds that GM crops have large, widespread benefits The biggest study so far finds that GM crops have large, widespread benefits

 The Economist: What next for retail banks?

 Bank of Canada: Money in a Digital World

 KAI: How to increase (or decrease) brain activity and memory

 KAI: Magic tricks using artificial intelligence

 CNN: U.S. weather system hacked, affecting satellites

 MOSCOW TIMES: Russia May Be Planning National Space Station to Replace ISS. Russia may be planning to build a new, independent national space station rather than prolong its participation in the $150 billion International Space Station (ISS) program beyond its current 2020 end date, the Kommersant...

 The Economist: A phoneful of dollars. The world’s poor need the stability and security that banks have traditionally offered, but increasingly they do not need banks to provide it

 Financial Times: Airbus patents flying doughnuts

Financial Times: The European Commission is considering the creation of investment funds seeded with cash from either the EU budget or the European Investment Bank, as the centrepiece of a new growth plan.

Financial Times: China opens markets in Hong Kong-Shanghai deal

 Yahoo Canada Finance: Markets hit by Japan recession; One mega-merger on, another off; Facebook looks to expand into your workplace

 Newsweek: Designers Building Roadways That Generate Solar Power

 Forbes: Where Image Recognition Technology Is Headed For Retailers: Cortexica Interview

 THE GUARDIAN: Putin claims west is provoking Russia into new cold war as ‘spies’ deported. Russian president denies fanning tensions and says Nato ‘expansion’ in Europe had been ‘geopolitical game changer’

 THE GUARDIAN: David Cameron warns of looming second global crash. PM says ‘red warning lights are flashing’ against a backdrop of instability and uncertainty, as G20 summit draws to a close

 THE GUARDIAN: State Department email attack 'fits pattern' of Russian hackers, says expert

 THE GUARDIAN: Anonymous takes over Ku Klux Klan's Twitter account. Internet activists respond to KKK taunts in row over Ferguson protests by taking over group’s official account on Twitter

 THE GUARDIAN: Sir Tim Berners-Lee: we need more MPs who know how to code. The inventor of the World Wide Web issues a plea for more politicians who understand how computers work

 THE GUARDIAN: Harvard University admits to secretly photographing students. Photos of 2,000 students across 10 lecture halls were taken as part of an experiment to measure classroom attendance

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Google’s Project Loon Woos Telecom Giants

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Intel Reveals Details of MICA Smart Bracelet

 BLOOMBERG: 5 Numbers That Illustrate the Mind-Bending Size of Amazon's Cloud

 FORBES: China Once Again Boasts The World's Fastest Supercomputer

DER SPIEGEL:  Putin's Reach: Merkel Concerned about Russian Influence in the Balkans. Berlin has begun to see Moscow as an adversary rather than as a potential partner. The German government is concerned about efforts by Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase his influence in the Balkans. Stopping him, however, could prove difficult.

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Saudi Arabia's Nuclear Envy. Washington Should Help Riyadh Keep Up With Tehran

 Forbes: CIO Innovation Budgets Are Increasing

 BBC: Amazon seeks UK drone experts for delivery service

 INDIA TODAY: Saudi Crown Prince to Modi: Ready to cooperate in all sectors

 Times of India‎: Global survey: Brand India ranks a poor 31st out of 50 nations, Germany is No. 1

 OECD: China headed to overtake EU, US in science & technology spending, OECD says

 THE BULLETIN: Internet-trading platforms: Making it easier to get around sanctions?

 RAND CORPORATION: France's War in Mali. Lessons for an Expeditionary Army

 Wired: Facebook’s New Data Center Is Bad News for Cisco

 RAND CORPORATION: Addressing SSDI's Looming Insolvency

 UC Berkeley: Synthetic biology could be big boost to interplanetary space travel

 Science Careers Blog: Genomically encoded analog memory with precise in vivo DNA writing in living cell populations

 Hyperallergic: Will Our Future Be Biologically Designed?

MIT News:  Solar cells made from coal, smart nanoparticles that work with bacteria to fight cancer, and an effort to enhance human cognition by stimulating brain waves are just a few examples of the high-risk, high-impact projects funded by the first round of Prof. Amar G. Bose Research Grants.

 New York Times: The A.M. Turing Award is often called the Nobel Prize of computer science. Now, thanks to Google’s largess, it will be a Nobel-level prize financially: $1 million.

 FORBES: Why We Must Have Computer Science In More Schools And Classrooms

Scientific American:   Next Wave of U.S. Supercomputers Could Break Up Race for Fastest. National Labs are now collaborating, not competing, to make the fastest supercomputers, which should enable new types of science to model everything from climate change to materials science to nuclear-weapons performance   Novel and enhanced anti-melanoma DNA vaccine targeting the tyrosinase protein inhibits myeloid-derived suppressor cells and tumor growth in a syngeneic prophylactic and therapeutic murine model

 BUSINESS INSIDER: In China, High Demand For Robots But Too Many Robot Manufacturers

 The New Yorker: Print Thyself. How 3-D printing is revolutionizing medicine.

BBC: US government planes collecting phone data, report claims. Devices that gather data from millions of mobile phones are being flown over the US by the government, according to the Wall Street Journal.

 BBC: China's Alibaba eyes first bond sale after record listing

 THE ATLANTIC: A Drone for the Environment

 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Why Poland and Russia are expelling each other's diplomats. Poland expelled Russian diplomats for spying. Russia retaliated by sending four Polish diplomats home.


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Sunday, November 16, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 17, 2014) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

 Huffington Post UK: The Technological Revolution Is All Well and Good - But We Must Ensure That the Digital Skills Gap Is Bridged

 Alberta Express: The next farm technology revolution. Rob Saik says big data will soon be a fact of life on farms, and producers will have to find ways to deal with it all

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: How Is Our Digital Revolution Doing?

 CNBC: Forget currency, bitcoin's tech is the revolution

 New Scientist: Europe's new scientific revolution

 Nextgov: Former Microsoft CEO Invests Big In Harvard’s Computer Science Faculty

 Boston Globe: ‘Father of molecular gastronomy’ explores solution to world hunger

 CNN: Commercialization of the cosmos: Why space exploration is a joint venture

 Fast Company: What Do Recent Disasters Mean For The Future Of Space Exploration?

 The Straits Times: China's success in learning from Japan's missteps

 Firstpost: China plans to land a rover on Mars by 2020 after India's Mangalyaan success

 BBC News: Local workers have removed crucial debris and human remains from the crash site of the MH17 jet in rebel-held eastern Ukraine after months of delays.

 Business Insider: Europe's Economy Is Going Nowhere

 Business Insider: Welcome To The NEW Era Of Cheap Oil

 Toronto Star: Bill Gates and the business approach to saving the world

 Huffington Post: Fusion Energy: Hope or Hype?

 AOPA Pilot: Lockheed envisions nuclear aircraft

 Fortune: 5 Fortune 500 companies transforming the job market for veterans

 Forbes: Why 3D Will Dominate Cinema In The Future

 Forbes: Will IBM Rise Again?

 REUTERS: Russian TV channel says photos show MH17 shot down by fighter jet

 MOSCOW TIMES: Russia Threatened by Oil Price Slump Till 2015

 THE ECONOMIST: The future of the Pacific Ocean: Merchants or missionaries?

 GIGAOM: How enterprises will use the cloud for big data analytics

 Forbes: 84% Of Enterprises See Big Data Analytics Changing Their Industries' Competitive Landscapes In The Next Year

 ComputerworldUK: Chemical companies rushing to big data analytics and the cloud says Accenture. Digital agenda is increasingly driving business strategy - like the internet did in the 90s

 RCR Wireless News: Big Data and Analytics: Platfora launches IoT analytics platform

 FINANCIAL TIMES: Demand for big data and skills shortages drives wages boom

 Huffington Post: Business Success Depends On Smart (Not Just Big) Data

 Fortune: A way to help HR professionals predict the future

 H POST: Five Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

 Computerworld: Ballmer says machine learning will be the next era of computer science

 New York Times: Gift From Ballmer Will Expand Computer Science Faculty at Harvard Google develops neural Turing machine learning computer

 Uloop News: Machine Learning Is Everywhere


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Saturday, November 15, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 16, 2014) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

REUTERS:  Western leaders confront Putin at G20 with threat of more sanctions. Western leaders warned Vladimir Putin at a G20 summit on Saturday that he risked more economic sanctions if he failed to end Russian backing for separatist rebels in Ukraine. Russia denied any involvement in an escalation of the separatist war in eastern Ukraine, where more than 4,000 people have been killed since April, but faced strong rebukes from leaders including U.S. President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. "I guess I’ll shake your hand but I have only one thing to say to you: you need to get out of Ukraine," Harper told Putin at the summit in Brisbane, Australia, according to his spokesman Jason MacDonald.

 FORBES: IBM Signs $325 Million Supercomputing Deal With Dept. Of Energy

 MIT Technology Review: How Entanglement-Generating Satellites Will Make the Quantum Internet Global China builds computer network impenetrable to hackers. China is building the world’s first long-distance quantum encryption network, a 1,200-mile line between Beijing and Shanghai that will be theoretically unhackable

 Los Angeles Times: Scientists use Wikipedia search data to forecast spread of flu

 The New Yorker: Living on Internet Time

 InformationWeek: Salvation Army Finds Refuge, Recovery In The Cloud. Nonprofit agency finds cloud-based backup and disaster recovery system is best and most cost-effective way to protect critical data.

 BBC News: Has quantitative easing worked in the US?

 Wall Street Journal: Who’s Afraid of a Little Deflation?

 Bloomberg: World Economy Worst in Two Years, Europe Darkening, Deflation Lurking: Global Investor Poll. The world economy is in its worst shape in two years, with the euro area and emerging markets deteriorating and the danger of deflation rising, according to a Bloomberg Global Poll of...more

 Business Standard: World outlook darkening as 89% in poll see Europe deflation risk. The euro-zone economy has deteriorated and will get worse if there are no fiscal policy actions from core European countries, mainly Germany Spreading deflation across East Asia threatens fresh debt crisis. Asia's currency skirmishes are happening in a region of festering grievances and territorial disputes, with no Nato-style security structure to dampen down fires

 The Economist: WHEN people think of a large Asian country on the brink of deflation, they probably have Japan in mind. But China, the biggest of them all, is now skirting close to outright falls in prices across a wide swathe of the economy. Producer prices have been declining for nearly three years...more

 This is Money: Eurozone staggers to frail growth amid deflation fears ahead of G20 summit

Business Insider:   Why Europe Might Have Already Spiraled Into Deflation

 BUSINESS INSIDER: Russia Just Gave France A Final Deadline To Hand Over The Mistral Warship

 Reuters: France hits back after Russia warns of Mistral compensation. Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Friday that France would not be dictated to after an unidentified Russian official was quoted as giving Paris two weeks to deliver the first of two Mistral helicopter carriers or face possible...more

 Economic Times: Vladimir Putin urges Hollande to 'minimise risks' between Russia, France


FRANCE 24: Europe blast Russia over Ukraine at G20 summit. U.S. President Barack Obama said on Saturday that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine was “appalling” and a threat to the world, while European nations threatened further sanctions against Moscow if it did not end the flow of weapons and troops.

 FOREIGN POLICY: Congress to France: Sell Your Warships to NATO, Not Russia

 Deutsche Welle: Kiev orders pullout of state services from eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko has decreed an end to the provision of all state services in rebel-held territories of eastern Ukraine. His order covers schools, hospitals, courts, prisons and benefits payments.

 ARS TECHNICA: Google to deploy 180 low-orbit satellites that provide Internet access. Billion-dollar project will complement Google's balloons and drones.

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Google Invests in Satellites to Spread Internet Access Company Projects Spending More Than $1 Billion to Connect Unwired Reaches of the Globe Elon Musk 'to launch fleet of internet satellites'. Billionaire entrepreneur is reportedly working on an ambitious project to launch around 700 internet satellites into low-Earth orbit and bring internet connections to the developing world Our influence on Earth may lead to naming era after humans: Anthropocene

 Space News: NOAA Admits to Cyberattack on Satellite Data Networks. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has acknowledged that the “unscheduled maintenance” that temporarily disrupted the flow of certain satellite data to the National Weather Service in October was prompted by “an...more

 CIO Today: China Accused of Hacking Weather Agency NOAA

 USA TODAY: Experts: Major cyberattack will hit in next 11 years. Almost two-third of technology experts expect a "major" cyber attack somewhere in the world that will cause significant loss of life or property losses in the tens of billions of dollars by 2025.

 MarketWatch: Gorbachev says don’t pick on Putin

 The Guardian: Mikhail Gorbachev: world on brink of new cold war over Ukraine. Former Soviet Union leader says tensions between US and Russia should be kept under control

 EurActiv: Europe under massive virtual cyber attack. More than 200 organisations from 25 EU member states are under virtual cyber-attack today (30 October), as part of the continent’s largest and most complex ever cyber security exercise.

 The Hill: US not prepared for cyberattacks, ex-NSA chief warns

 Washington Times: U.S. tweaks China: Pentagon sends plane targeted in cyberattack to air show Could your bank be the next victim of a cyber attack? Cybercrime risks becoming the next big banking scandal. What can be done to stop it?

 BBC News: 'Ambulance drone' takes to the skies of Belgium


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Friday, November 14, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 15, 2014) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

 NBC NEWS: Australia Accuses Russia of Trying to Reclaim 'Lost Glories'

 CBC: Vladimir Putin stations Russian warships off Australia's coast ahead of G20 Diplomatic drama has been simmering since a Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down over an area of Ukraine

 THE ECONOMIST: A renewed Russian military build-up could be a prelude to more fighting. EVEN as Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, was heading to the G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, tensions in Ukraine were escalating.

 REUTERS: Ukraine's PM says main task is to build army to stop Russia

 CNN: Is Russia planning a winter offensive?

 Huffington Post UK: Russia Threatened With Sanctions As Tanks 'Roll Into Ukraine'

 THE AUSTRALIAN: GE says use of ‘big data’ is changing ways companies operate

 MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Rise of the Robot Security Guards. Startup Knightscope is preparing to roll out human-size robot patrols.

 BBC: Robots 'helping autistic pupils build social skills'

THE TELEGRAPH: Should future wars be fought by killer robots? It's not technology, but morality and the law, which prevents wars being fought by lethal autonomous weapons - better known as killer robots

 RT: UN sounds alarm on rise of autonomous 'killer robots'

 FORBES: Automation Is On The Rise: Will Robots Soon Be Commonplace?

 International Business Times: China Now Has 30 Industrial Robot Factories, Could Double Robot Population By 2017

 International Business Times UK: CBI and Ricoh: New World Order of Robots Will Help, Not Steal, British Jobs

 Forbes: Marketing Automation Could Be Harming Your Business - Here's How to Tip the Scale

 Business Standard: Indian Oil Corporation is in the process of automating its petrol stations and aims to complete the work in the next three years, a top official said.

 Data Center Knowledge: Cloud Automation: What You Need to Know and Why It’s Important

 Computerworld: Automation arrives at restaurants (but don’t blame rising minimum wages)

 Automation World: The Effect of Oil Prices on Automation Spending Automation with humans in mind: making complex systems predictable, reliable and humane

 The Independent News: Welcome to Canada: automation nation.

 Forbes: China Automation Companies Advance As Beijing Pledges New Policy Support

 Business Insider Australia: Home Automation Gadgets Are Leading Explosive Growth In The Consumer 'Internet Of Things' Market

 Automation World: How 3D Printing Will Impact Industrial Automation

 CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Will China start currency war in name of reform?

 Financial Times: ESA is a serious player capable of taking on Nasa

 Business Insider: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Points Out Some Big Plot Holes In 'Interstellar'

 Washington Post: Rosetta’s missing Philae lander is frantically doing improvised science, even as its batteries die


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Thursday, November 13, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 14, 2014)

 BBC: Oil price falls below $80 a barrel

 FUTURE OBSERVATORY: An artificial retina based on semiconductor nanorods and carbon nanotubes. An international team of researchers has combined semiconductor nanorods and carbon nanotubes to create a wireless, light-sensitive, flexible film that could potentially act in the place of a damaged retina.

 FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Twisted-light waves transmitted in air over a 3-kilometer path. Could significantly increase data rates for non-fiber communications and improve encryption of quantum communications

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Whole-genome sequences of 17 of the world’s oldest living people published. Researchers unable to find genes significantly associated w/ extreme longevity

 BUSINESS INSIDER: It's warmer in Alaska than in Texas right now

 LIKE CHINA. FINANCIAL TIMES: Isis declares its own currency

 WIRED: How Big Data Is Revolutionizing Design

 CNN MONEY: Informatica Joins Deloitte on Advisory Board of Institute for Business Analytics at Indiana University Kelley School of Business. IT leader to help further develop business analytics research and curricula at Indiana University

 THE GUARDIAN: Google buys two more UK artificial intelligence startups. Company funds new computer science research partnership with Oxford University, where three of its new artificial intelligence hires will remain lecturers

 SIDNEY MORNING HERALD: Nanotechnology's next trick could be a real invisibility cloak

PHYS ORG: Patent awarded for genetics-based nanotechnology against mosquitoes, insect pests. Kansas State University researchers have developed a patented method of keeping mosquitoes and other insect pests at bay.

 NATURE: Batteries: Knowing when small is better

 BBC: Nanotechnology research recognised for making everyday easier

 THE SCIENCE TIMES: DNA 'Wires' Can Carry Electricity

 NANOTECH: Iranian Scientists Use Nanodrugs to Treat Cancer

 POPULAR MECHANICS: This startup will let you hire a pilot to fly your drone:

 FORTUNE: Permits for testing self-driving cars are a hot commodity in California

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: When Can We Expect Truly Autonomous Vehicles?

 FORBES: The Massive Economic Benefits Of Self-Driving Cars

 FORTUNE: Trains and self-driving cars, headed for a (political) collision

 FORBES: Self-Driving Cars Could Undermine British $80 Billion Rail Project

 NEW YORK TIMES: In Self-Driving Cars, a Potential Lifeline for the Disabled

 FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Getting streets ahead with Volvo’s driverless car

 PHYS ORG: Time for cyberattack conversation on automated cars

 INFORMATION WEEK: 10 Robots Changing The World. Driverless cars are just the beginning. Take a look at the robots we will depend on for health, work, and entertainment.

 NBC NEWS: NOAA Confirms Cyberattack 'in Recent Weeks'

 Chinese Cyberattack Hit U.S. Satellites In September, NOAA Covered It Up, Report Says

 WASHINGTON TIMES: U.S. tweaks China: Pentagon sends plane targeted in cyberattack to air show

 MOSCOW TIMES: Sunken Soviet Submarines Threaten Nuclear Catastrophe in Russia's Arctic

 MOSCOW TIMES: Oil Falls to Price That Putin Said Could Cause Collapse of Global Economy. Brent crude oil fell to a four-year low of less than $80 per barrel on Thursday, descending to the point that Russian President Vladimir Putin recently said could, if prolonged, trigger the collapse of the world...more

 DER SPIEGEL: Interview with Henry Kissinger: 'Do We Achieve World Order Through Chaos or Insight?' Henry Kissinger is the most famous and most divisive secretary of state the US has ever had. In an interview, he discusses his new book exploring the crises of our time, from Syria to Ukraine, and the...more

 JAPAN TIMES: Catalonia independence ballot hit by colossal cyberattack: president. Catalan authorities suffered a massive cyberattack while the region was voting in an independence ballot outlawed by Madrid, their leader said on Tuesday. On polling day Sunday, the regional government’s computer...more

 PHYS ORG: Sharing threat information before, during, and after a cyber-attack

 BBC: India and US reach WTO breakthrough over food

 TIME: The Cancer Breakthrough With Big Implications. Screening tumors could lead to smarter decisions about which cancer treatments will work best for individual patients

 THE SCIENCE TIMES: Stem Cell Breakthrough May be the Cure for Parkinson's

 FOREIGN POLICY: China and the United States Are Preparing for War. Despite the Obama-Xi handshake deal, the probability of confrontation will only heighten as long as the PLA remains a black box.

 USA TODAY: China hacks into U.S. weather satellite network

 BUSINESS INSIDER: China Is Finally Acting Like A Superpower — And Nobody Knows What's Going To Happen Next

 FORBES: Intel's Brian David Johnson On Building A Human Future

 FORBES: The 7 Principles Of The Future Employee

 PC WORLD: IBM shares plans for supercomputing future

 THE ECONOMIST: The Madrid government should let the Catalans have a vote—and then defeat the separatists at the polls

 CNBC: Forget currency, bitcoin's tech is the revolution

 THE GUARDIAN: The future of technology? It’s in your hands. Now that everyone owns a smartphone, technology’s advances will be imperceptible

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Horton Hears a Hadoop: Tech IPO Shows the Future of Databases. Hortonworks, a Data-Platform Maker Founded Three Years Ago, Files to Go Public

 SYRACUSE COM: What will be the most high-impact technologies of the future? (Predictions from 10 futurists, business leaders and teachers)

 FORBES: The Future Of Money

 DAILY HERALD: Why baby boomers will rule the future of technology

 BUSINESS LINE: Mercedes-Benz sees technology redefining future line of cars

 BBC: How computers change the way we learn


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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 13, 2014)

 FORBES: How Top CIOs Brace For The Next Big Data Breach

 STRATFOR: What the Fall of the Wall Did Not Change

 UPI: Lockheed Martin partners for space debris research. Lockheed Martin has announced a partnering agreement to study near-Earth space debris using the largest infrared telescope in the Western Hemisphere.

 BBC: The number of people killed by the worst outbreak of Ebola has risen to 5,160, the World Health Organization (WHO) says. The Ebola outbreak is thought to have infected more than 14,000 people, almost all of them in West Africa.

 THE GUARDIAN: Sir Richard Branson: self-proclaimed experts wrong about Virgin Galactic explosion - video

 REUTERS: Abu Dhabi fund holding off on Virgin Galactic decision -source

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: NTSB Cites Improper Pilot Command in Virgin Galactic Crash. An improper pilot command preceded the violent in-flight breakup of Virgin Galactic LLC’s experimental rocket ship Friday, according to federal safety investigators probing the fatal accident.

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Rosetta Mission’s Probe Lands on Comet. European Space Agency’s Philae Is First Craft to Land on Comet in Historic Moment for Space Exploration

 LIVE SCIENCE: Why Chimps Haven't Evolved Culture Like Humans

 FOX NEWS: China takes new stealth jet for test flight during Obama visit

 BLOOMBERG: China Shows Off New Stealth Fighter to U.S. Military

 NEW YORK TIMES: With a Stealth Fighter, China Tries to Gain Attention

 FINANCIAL TIMES: Say ‘hi’ to your new colleague and competitor: the needy robot. The next Machine Age will not just augur job losses and the transformation of some professions. The future could be a lot worse. It may also let loose an army of needy robots. This week, the MIT Technology Review...more

 WIRED: Robots to cause 'avoidable unemployment' in 2020 Britain

 BLOOMBERG: Could a Robot or AI Take Your Job?

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST: Chinese firms seek greater share of industrial robots market. New government policies and rising automation prompt mainland makers of the devices to step up production to garner a bigger slice of the market

 FORGET ABOUT JOBS COMING BACK. WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: Men or machines: will technology take our jobs? As technology transforms millions of jobs around the world, it has created a “second machine age”, which represents a new inflection point in history. Just as in the industrial age, machines are improving the effectiveness of the workforce – but they are also automating tasks that humans once performed. less

 FINANCIAL TIMES: Technology threatens 1 in 3 UK jobs

 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: Robots to Steal 10 Million Low Paid UK Jobs by 2034

 CLEAN TECHNICA: Self-Driving Buses Could Really Reinvent Transportation Systems

 CIO: How Automation Could Take Your Skills -- and Your Job

 WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: Will 2015 be the year of jobless growth?

 YAHOO NEWS: Russian bomber patrols to reach Gulf of Mexico

 YAHOO NEWS: Ebola Rages on in West Africa

 ASSOCIATED PRESS: Health Officials Urge Congress for Ebola Help

 CIO: German Spy Agency Seeks Millions to Monitor Social Networks Outside Germany

 FAST COMPANY: Need A New Bone? Grow It From Your Own Cells

MOSCOW TIMES: The Future of Russian Private Military Companies. In Soviet times, Russian military professionals worked across the globe from Cuba to Vietnam, teaching, advising and sometimes just pointing Kalashnikov muzzles at the enemy for the sake of the proletariat. Now Russian authorities want them to do so again, but this time, for profit — and, just possibly, as a governmental proxy. less

 MOSCOW TIMES: Ukraine Redeploys Troops, Fearing Russia-Backed Offensive

 FORTUNE: Wearables are fast becoming part of 'always on' corporate culture

 DER SPIEGEL: Interview with Hilary Mantel: 'What's Happening in Britain at the Moment Is Really Ugly'

 FOREIGN POLICY: This Is Not Your Father's Stock Market. 6 ways that global investing is breaking the rules.

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Radical Turks. Why Turkish Citizens are Joining ISIS

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS: The Other Facebook Revolution. How the Internet Makes People Unhappy With Their Governments

 WASHINGTON POST: Five climate lessons from Stephen Hawking


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 12, 2014)

 FINANCIAL TIMES: Alibaba breaks online shopping records

 THE GUARDIAN: Report claims a third of UK jobs at risk from robots

 EURASIA REVIEW: Iran To Launch More Selective Internet Censorship

NEW YORK TIMES: U.S. and China Agree to Cut Tariffs, but Vie for Trade Blocs

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: U.S., China Ready Deals to Avert Military Confrontations. Agreements Would Cover Alerts for Exercises, Set Rules of Behavior for Military Encounters

 FINANCIAL TIMES: China and US look to the future with IT trade agreement

 SYDNEY MORAL HERALD: Artificial intelligence and singularity could mean demise of human control

 NEW YORK TIMES: Artificial Intelligence as a Threat

 MARKETING MAGAZINE: Artificial intelligence is 'key' to big data, says Unilever's Marc Mathieu

 FINANCIAL TIMES: Artificial intelligence: machine versus man. Computers will soon become more intelligent than us. Some of the best brains in Silicon Valley are now trying to work out what happens next

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Average High School Senior

 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: Google's DeepMind Builds Artificial Intelligence Computer That Mimics Human Brain

 COMPUTERWORLD: Ask Watson or Siri: Artificial intelligence is as elusive as ever

 VENTURE BEAT: Artificial intelligence is now affordable. Use it to work smarter

 BUSINESSWEEK: Baidu Embraces Artificial Intelligence to Build a Better Search Engine

 RUSSIAN BEYOND THE HEADLINES: Artificial intelligence infiltrates printers

 NEW YORK TIMES: Our Machine Masters

 DER SPIEGEL: Europe Prepares First Comet Landing

 ROBOTICS TOMORROW: Functionalize Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Power Up 3D Printing With World’s Most Electronically Conductive 3D Printing Filament

 BUSINESS INSIDER: 3D Printing Could Become A $13 Billion Industry


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Monday, November 10, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 11, 2014)

 TECHCRUNCH: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella details his views on what Google and Apple do best

 REUTERS: Iranian-built copy of U.S. drone takes first flight

 REUTERS: U.S. Postal Service data breach may compromise staff, customer details

 GARTNER: Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015

 THE ECONOMIST: Google announces its own delivery drones project

 THE ECONOMIST: Bioprinting: Building living tissue with a 3D printer is becoming a new business, but making whole organs for transplant remains elusive

 THE ECONOMIST: 3D printing software. Something out of nothing

 NEW YORK TIMES: Dinner Is Printed. THE hype over 3-D printing intensifies by the day. Will it save the world? Will it bring on the apocalypse, with millions manufacturing their own AK-47s?

 FORBES: 3D Printers Will Soon Change The World, If It's Not Strangled In A Lawyered Up World

 NEW YORK TIMES: Drones Outpacing Rules as Popularity Soars in New York

 REUTERS: Stratasys sees robust 3D-printing market as HP reveals plans

 REUTERS: Google tests airborne drones to deliver goods

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: How 3-D Printing Will Change Our Lives

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: FAA Clears Six Film Companies to Use Drones

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Deutsche Post DHL to Deliver Medicine via Drone

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: FAA Gives Approval to BP to Use Commercial Drones

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: It's Time to Take Artificial Intelligence Seriously

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Zuckerberg, Musk Invest in Artificial-Intelligence Company

 NEW YORK TIMES: Artificial Intelligence as a Threat

 REUTERS: ABB invests in U.S. artificial intelligence company

 THE ECONOMIST: Clever cogs. The potential impacts of intelligent machines on human life

 THE ECONOMIST: The language of the internet of things. More and more devices are becoming connected, but will they speak the same language?

 REUTERS: Don’t fear the Internet of things

 NEW YORK TIMES: With $30 Million More in Hand, IFTTT Looks to the Internet of Things

 THE ECONOMIST: The dodgiest duo in the suspect six. As emerging economies hit hard times, Brazil and Russia look particularly weak

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Who Is at Fault in Ukraine? Foreign Affairs' Brain Trust Weighs In

 FINANCIAL TIMES: Google moves into Nasa’s territory

 DER SPIEGEL: Mr. Europe? The Ghosts of Jean-Claude Juncker's Past Come Back to Haunt Him

 DER SPIEGEL: Iranian Nuclear Negotiator: 'We Can't Just Turn Back the Clock'

 FORBES: Toyota’s next Camry will also be made of aluminum:

 CIO: Home Depot Says 53 Million Email Addresses Compromised During Breach


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Sunday, November 9, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 10, 2014)

 MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Google ALSO Wants to Store Your Genome. For $25 a year, Google will keep a copy of any genome in the cloud.

 POPULAR SCIENCE: Bionic Bird Drone May Fool Actual Birds. This biomimetic flying device can be controlled by a smartphone, to entertain people and cats alike.

 NEW YORK TIMES: A Strategy for Rich Countries: Absorb More Immigrants

 WASHINGTON POST: HP's bold plan to become the first mainstream 3D printing company

 THE ECONOMIST: America's crackdown on tax evasion: Weil walks

 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370? THE ECONOMIST: Hacking aircraft. Remote control

 CHINA DAILY USA: Canada becomes first yuan clearance hub in Americas

 ENGADGET: 3D Robotics is building the drones that just about anyone can fly

 THE ATLANTIC: This Cyborg Cockroach Could Save Your Life Someday. Bugs backpacked with microphones could be deployed to disaster zones in the future.

 THE ECONOMIST: It is the 0.01% in America who are really getting richer

 BLOOMBERG MARKET: Jack Ma, China's richest man, plans to make #Alibaba the go-to global marketplace:

 FINANCIAL TIMES: China's answer to Warren Buffett, Guo Guangchang, talks tai chi over #LunchwiththeFT

 PHYS ORG: 'Big data' takes root in the world of plant research

 THE ECONOMIST: James Lord of Morgan Stanley, a bank, labelled Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey the "fragile five"

 COMPUTERWORLD: An Internet sales tax would cost online shoppers billions

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: How China's new trade routes center it on the geopolitical map

 WIRED: A Military-Grade Drone That Can Be Printed Anywhere

BBC: 3D printing helps make drones faster. 3D printing has been described as the "future of manufacturing" and is increasingly being used to make everything from film props to food. The technology is also being used to make unmanned aerial vehicles as the parts can be designed quicker and made...more

 BBC: Parkinson's stem cell 'breakthrough'. Stem cells can be used to heal the damage in the brain caused by Parkinson's disease, according to scientists in Sweden.

 THE ECONOMIST: East Asian firms in China: Taiwan, Japan and South Korea employ huge numbers of mainland Chinese

 REUTERS: Samsung Electronics near license for new $3 billion Vietnam mobile phone plant


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Saturday, November 8, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 09, 2014)

 NEW YORK TIMES: Home Depot Says Hackers Also Stole Email Addresses

 NEW YORK TIMES: International Raids Target Sites Selling Contraband on the ‘Dark Web’

 BUSINESS STANDARD: 50% of occupations today will no longer exist in 2025: Report. Workspaces with row of desks will become completely redundant, not because they are not fit for purpose, but simply because that purpose no longer exists, the report predicts

 BUSINESSWEEK: David Cameron kept Scotland in the U.K., but the rise of right-wing nationalists could cost him his job:

 FOREIGN POLICY: Asian countries are wary about Beijing's growing power, but China still brings home the bacon.

 NBC: Gorbachev Warns World is on Brink of 'New Cold War'

 BBC NEWS: Ex-USSR leader Gorbachev: World on brink of new Cold War

 The Huffington Post: Why Gorbachev Feels Betrayed By The Post-Cold War West

 MARKET WATCH: Gorbachev says don’t pick on Putin

 FOREIGN POLICY: Emerging market economies are in a lot more trouble than investors want to believe.

 Discover Magazine: The mystery of the Virgin Galactic pilot’s error:

 BIGTHINK: Your Brain Peforms Better When It Slows Down, with Steven Kotler

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Big Data Gets Master Treatment at B-Schools. One-Year Analytics Programs Cater to Shift in Students’ Ambitions

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Elon Musk’s Next Mission: Internet Satellites. SpaceX, Tesla Founder Explores Venture to Make Lighter, Cheaper Satellites


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FUTURISM UPDATE (November 08, 2014)

 WIRED: Internet and Human Capability: A Study In Parallel Evolution

 FORBES: What To Do When Technology Becomes A Crutch In Business

 BUSINESS INSIDER: Here's The Evidence That The Tech Bubble Is About To Burst

 MASHABLE: Google's mystery barges were combustible death traps, report says

 BBC: Why India's Mars mission is so cheap - and thrilling

THE ECONOMIST:  Google Glass users have worse peripheral vision than those who wear glasses, a new study says. Holography could help

CNN:  Why Japan is on a U.S. stock buying spree 

 THE ECONOMIST: The FBI have closed down Silk Road 2.0-but are still losing the war against illicit e-commerce

 MOSCOW TIMES: Dollar Shortages Spread Amid Russian Ruble Collapse

 MOSCOW TIMES: Deputies Slam Russia's Central Bank Amid Official Hush on Ruble Woes

 BUILDING SMARTER PLANET: IBM’s China Lab Researchers Explain Project Green Horizon


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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 06, 2014)

 THE ATLANTIC: The Military Is Building Brain Chips to Treat PTSD

 WASHINGTON POST: Verizon, AT&T tracking their users with ‘supercookies’

 LOS ANGELES TIMES: Virgin Galactic pilot defied the odds to survive crash

 CIO: How to Develop Applications for the Internet of Things

 NEW YORK TIMES: Top British Spy Warns of Terrorists’ Use of Social Media

 MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: fMRI Data Reveals the Number of Parallel Processes Running in the Brain. The human brain carries out many tasks at the same time, but how many? Now fMRI data has revealed just how parallel gray matter is.

 BLOOMBERG: Qatar, Citic Plan to Start $10 Billion Investment Fund. Qatar’s sovereign-wealth fund, which controls more than $100 billion of assets, plans to set up a $10 billion investment venture with China’s Citic Group as it seeks to diversify from retail and property assets in Europe.

 THE ECONOMIST: Rise of the robots

 FORBES: Automation Is On The Rise: Will Robots Soon Be Commonplace?

 BBC: Are we about to see the rise of robot bosses?

 DAILY MAIL: Artificial intelligence 'could be the worst thing to happen to humanity': Stephen Hawking warns that rise of robots may be disastrous for mankind.

 CBSNEWS: Robots on the rise in the workplace. Steve Kroft reports on technological advances, especially robotics, that are revolutionizing the workplace, but not necessarily creating jobs

 MOSCOW TIMES: Russia Plans Nuclear Summit Boycott

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Vindicating Volatility. Why Fluctuating Oil Prices Are Here To Stay

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Process Before Policy. How Washington Can Avert Financial Ruin After the Election

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS: The End of the Military-Industrial Complex. How the Pentagon Is Adapting to Globalization

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS: National Insecurity. Just How Safe Is the United States?

 FORBES: There are nearly 7.2 billion people on the planet. These are the 72 who rule the world.

HERALD ONLINE:  Russian President Vladimir Putin Tops Forbes’ 2014 Ranking of the World’s Most Powerful People for the Second Year in a Row.

 REUTERS: Amazon tries out taxi deliveries in California cities, WSJ reports

 BLOOMBERG: Mercedes Puts Tesla Technology Beneath Hood to Chase BMW

 BLOOMBERG: Mercedes Puts Tesla Technology Beneath Hood to Chase BMW

 TIME: A single-malt from Japan has been named the best whisky in the world for the first time.

 BLOOMBERG: A Slovakian Startup Is Building a Flying Car

 FORBES: Amazon Faces 'Bloodbath' As Tech Giants Square Off In India

 BUSINESS INSIDER: Here's The Evidence That The Tech Bubble Is About To Burst

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT:  Monetizing Big Data: A Q&A with Wells Fargo's Data Chief

 SYMMETRY MAGAZINE: Physicists and other scientists use the GEANT4 toolkit to identify problems before they occur.

  QUANTUM MAGAZINE: In a Multiverse, What Are the Odds? Testing the multiverse hypothesis requires measuring whether our universe is statistically typical among the infinite variety of universes. But infinity does a number on statistics.


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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 05, 2014)

BBC:  Virgin Galactic crash: Pilots' actions analysed. SpaceShipTwo broke apart just seconds after igniting its rocket engine for a test outing above California on Friday.

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: “Dark Web” Version of Facebook Shows a New Way to Secure the Web. A new way to access Facebook securely and anonymously via the “dark Web” could provide a model for other sites.

 LOS ANGELES TIMES: Virgin Galactic crash: Copilot who died unlocked lever early, NTSB says

 NEW YORK TIMES: Accidents at Virgin Galactic and Orbital Sciences Show Hurdles for Private Space Efforts

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Safety Board Cites Improper Pilot Command in Virgin Galactic Crash. Accident Sets Back Ambitious Timetables for Space Tourism and Other Commercial Ventures.

 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Virgin Galactic crash investigators eye pilot interface. National Transportation Safety Board investigators examining the fatal crash of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo have determined that the craft's rudders rotated up prematurely, causing it to break apart midair.

 REUTERS: Toyota recalls 5,850 cars, mostly in U.S., for possible steering issue

 REUTERS: Ford calls back more than 202,000 vehicles in five North American recalls

 REUTERS: Wider U.S. trade deficit, weak exports point to slower growth

 REUTERS: Wall St. slips as energy extends recent slide

 CIO: The Google Shakeup Continues: Andy Rubin is Out

 SINGULARITY HUB: Elon Musk Is Right: Colonizing the Solar System Is Humankind’s Insurance Policy Against Extinction

 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: In the Future Your Therapy and Education Will Be Tailored to Your Brain

 THE VERGE: The Big Future: What is the future of food?

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Egypt's Army of God. The Largest Arab Military Isn't As Secular As It Seems

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Moscow's Spy Game. Why Russia Is Winning the Intelligence War in Ukraine

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: The Future of Cities. The Internet of Everything will Change How We Live. As much as the Internet has already changed the world, it is the Web’s next phase that will bring the biggest opportunities, revolutionizing the way we live, work, play, and learn.

 DER SPIEGEL: Germany's New Right: The Unholy Alliance of Neo-Nazis and Football Hooligans

 DER SPIEGEL: Sun Sets on Golden Dawn: Greek Party Accused in Killings and Racist Attacks. Greece's public prosecutor claims the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party bears all the characteristics of a 'criminal organization'.

IEEE Spectrum: Robotic Micro-Scallops Can Swim Through Your Eyeballs

POPULAR SCIENCE: Watch A Drone Take Off From Another Drone

CIO: One Code to Rule Them All: Dronecode

 BUSINESS INSIDER: 5 Things You Didn't Know About The Company Testing Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipT

 YAHOO NEWS: Rocket plane's tail activated prematurely in fatal crash

 GIGAOM: Looking for an architecture for the internet of things? Try DNS.

 FORBES: Five Software Approaches To Harness The Internet Of Things

 FORBES: Two High-Tech Stories To Watch In 2015: Digital and Industrial Internet of Things

 TECH CRUNCH: Google Reveals ‘The Physical Web,’ A Project To Make Internet Of Things Interaction App-Less. The Physical Web to provide “interaction on demand” so that people can walk up and use any smart devices without the need for intervening mobile apps.

 BUSINESS INSIDER: A white-hat hacker discovered a dangerous vulnerability in three Apple operating systems

 BUSINESS INSIDER: The one big mystery at the heart of the Virgin Galactic probe

FINANCIAL TIMES: Oil slides after Saudi cuts US prices

CIO:  Google and LG strike broad patent licensing deal

 STRATFOR: Traveling Through Multiple Europes

 MASHABLE: Alibaba revenues surge 54% in first earnings report as a public company. China's ecommerce giant is getting even bigger.

 THE ECONOMIST: If banks can be hacked, why not aircraft?


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Monday, November 3, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 04, 2014)

 BBC: Virgin Galactic crash: Descent system 'deployed early'

 WIRED: An Unprecedented Look at Stuxnet, the World’s First Digital Weapon

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Safety Board Cites Improper Pilot Command in Virgin Galactic Crash. Accident Sets Back Ambitious Timetables for Space Tourism & Other Commercial Ventures.

 REUTERS: Rocket plane's tail activated prematurely in fatal crash.

 THE GUARDIAN: Virgin Galactic space plane's re-entry system activated early, say investigators. Safety board chairman says premature deployment of feathering system ‘a statement of fact and not a statement of cause’

 ENGADGET: Investigators pin Virgin Galactic's crash on faulty tail deployment

 DER SPIEGEL: Monetary Fallacy? Deep Divisions Emerge over ECB Quantitative Easing Plans

 DER SPIEGEL: Merkel Fears Britain Crossing a Red Line on Immigration

 MOSCOW TIMES: Russia and China Thwart Dream for Marine Sanctuary in Antarctica

 CNN Miles O'Brien said that Virgin Galactic had "consistently underestimated the risk involved."

 NEW SCIENTIST: Build a stable wormhole with the help of dark aliens

 MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: With $100 Million, Entrepreneur Sees Path to Disrupt Medical Imaging. Will ultrasound-on-a-chip make medical imaging so cheap that anyone can do it?

THE ECONOMIST: Europe's banks are in decent shape-but that is not enough to repair its economy

TECH CRUNCH: China developed an anti-drone laser tech that can apparently shoot down a low flying drone 

BROOKINGS: From Russia, Without Love


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Sunday, November 2, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 03, 2014)

 REUTERS: Wanted: 500,000 pilots for China aviation gold rush

 PHYS ORG: Self-driving vehicles generate enthusiasm, concerns worldwide

 BBC: Germany 'would accept UK exit from EU' to protect migration rules

 COMPUTERWORLD: If Ebola's a problem here, just imagine it in India

 THE BULLETIN: Internet-trading platforms: Making it easier to get around sanctions?

 THE BULLETIN: Which is the greater threat to the United States and the world: ISIS or Ebola?

 THE ECONOMIST: Such a dramatic fall in the price of crude oil has global consequences. Who wins, who loses?

 BBC: Micro-rockets 'can destroy chemical weapons'

Cheating Richard Branson, Success, Unpreparedness, Failure, and Death!

 THE GUARDIAN: In North Korea, fear takes hold over new foreign threat: Ebola. World’s toughest measures against the disease have been imposed in a country far from west Africa, and with few tourists

 THE GUARDIAN: While the internet is accountable to nobody, privacy will be in crisis. It is time to bring humanity back to the networks that hear everything, track our lives, and mine information bought and sold

 THE GUARDIAN: Google fined for 'disrespectful' Street View photos of woman's cleavage. A Canadian woman said she was derided and abused after a Google Street View car captured an image of her outside her house

 NEW YORK TIMES: Megan Smith: ‘You Can Affect Billions of People’. The chief technology officer of the United States is bringing a Silicon Valley ethos to Washington.

 NEW YORK TIMES: Amazon’s Grand Design in Devices. Amazon introduces new gadgets the way a guerrilla army prepares for attack: unsteadily at first, and then with unexpected ferocity.

 NATURE: Solution-processed, high-performance light-emitting diodes based on quantum dots.

 THE ECONOMIST: How firms are adapting to a virus that threatens economies as well as lives

 THE GUARDIAN: How Virgin Galactic space program has been plagued by fuel problems that killed three engineers in 2007 ahead of fatal explosion at 45,000ft

FINANCIAL TIMES:  Branson’s space mission brought to earth

 SLATE: America's war against ISIS is turning into a quagmire:

ENGINEERING: Could Gliders Boost Rockets Into Orbit and Beyond? NASA has successfully flight-tested a prototype twin-fuselage towed glider that could lead to rockets being launched from pilotless aircraft at high altitudes – a technology application that could significantly reduce the cost and...more

FRANCE 24: Bill Gates to give $500 million for malaria, other diseases 

THE ECONOMIST:  France's largest companies are losing their bosses at a remarkable rate 

 THE GUARDIAN: IPCC report: six graphs that show how we're changing the world's climate. We look at the data that underpins the forthcoming IPCC climate science report detailing humanity’s influence on the climate, global impacts and solutions

TECHREPUBLIC:  CIOs feel pressure to innovate amidst disruptive technology threat

 THE DIPLOMAT: The Japan-China Defense Hotline’s Growing Importance The Japan-U.S. defense guidelines update is necessitating dialogue in the East China Sea.

 BLOOMBERG: Ship for Space Tourists Crashes, 1 Pilot Reported Dead; Second Failure in Week

 BLOOMBERG: Pacific Air Force Chief Says Wary of Risky Flying by China Jets

 YAHOO NEWS: Virgin 'ignored' space safety warnings: expert

 BUSINESS INSIDER: One Dead, One Injured In Virgin Galactic Spacecraft Crash.Business Insider contacted Northrup Grumman, but the company wasn't able to comment. We also reached out to Scaled Composites, but the company has not yet returned our calls.

 NATURAL NEWS: U.S. government secretly searches for technology to combat aerosolized Ebola

 FORTUNE: After two crashes, private space industry faces inevitable questions. Will back-to-back space flight accidents this week give customers of private space companies second thoughts?

 FORBES: NTSB Begins Its Investigation Of Virgin Galactic Crash

 POPULAR SCIENCE: What New Chinese Weapons Will We See At This Year's Zhuhai Air Show?

 TECHCRUNCH: Bitcoin Brothers Aim To Disrupt Bitcoin Mining With New, More Powerful, Supercomputers

THE INDEPENDENT:  Virgin Galactic crash: Spaceflight company was warned of safety issues, expert claims. Virgin Galactic was given warnings several years ago about the danger of its rockets but chose to ignore cautions from experts, it has been claimed.


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