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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 30, 2014)

LIVE SCIENCE:  Higgs Boson to the World Wide Web: 7 Big Discoveries Made at CERN

3-D PRINT:  NYC Engineer 3D Prints a Mechanical Computer, The Turbo Entabulator

STATE OF THE GLOBE: World’s First Wearable Drone Takes Flight

STATE OF THE GLOBE:  12 Ways to Measure the Bitcoin Network’s Health

FORTUNE:  Why Amazon's Fire phone failed

REUTERS:  Vista Equity to buy Tibco Software for $4.3 billion

MOSCOW TIMES: Russia Calls for Joint Effort With U.S. to Fight Islamic State

DER SPIEGEL: The Caliphate Next Door: Turkey Faces Up to its Islamic State Problem

DER SPIEGEL:  Finnish Prime Minister: 'Moscow Is Provoking a Number of Its Neighbors'

FOREIGN AFFAIRS:  Leaders Indicating. Why Markets Now Use Politics to Predict Economics

FOREIGN POLICY:  Obama's Islamic State Blame Game

VENTURE BEAT:  FireChat gets embraced by Hong Kong protesters, plans for verified usernames and encryption

WASHINGTON EXAMINER:  Cyberwar: Not if. Not when. Now.

CIO:  VoIP Phone Systems at Risk of Shellshock Bash Attacks

CIO:  How Social Media Can Influence High-Stakes Business Decisions

CIO:  IT Leaders Aren't All Coming From Tech

KAI: ‘Greener,’ low-cost transistor heralds advance in flexible electronics

KAI:  Turning the Moon into a giant cosmic ray detector

KAI:  Ultra-low-energy-consuming transistors and circuits

THE GUARDIAN: What is the ‘Google tax’?

THE GUARDIAN:  Bitcoin goes mainstream: Circle's payments make cryptocurrencies easy

BLOOMBERG:  HP Unveils Moonshot Servers Based on ARM Technology

BLOOMBERG:  Oracle Cloud to Match’s Pricing, Ellison Says

BLOOMBERG:  Billionaire Ma Says Alibaba Works With China on Security

YAHOO NEWS: WATCH: FAA Approves Drone Use for Domestic TV and Movie Production

YAHOO NEWS:  Protest over contract award to delay work on NASA space taxi

YAHOO NEWS:  Global wildlife populations down by half since 1970: WWF

YAHOO NEWS:  Sierra Nevada challenges NASA 'space taxi' contracts to Boeing, SpaceX

NEW YORK TIMES:  Cisco: The Internet Needs More Control

NEW YORK TIMES:  E.U. Inquiry Into Tax Deals for Multinationals Like Apple Pushes Ahead

NEW YORK TIMES:  Microsoft Begins a Push Into the Polling World

NEW YORK TIMES:   Tibco Software Agrees to Sell Itself to a Private Equity Firm for $4.3 Billion

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Google Capital Makes First China Investment, Backs InnoLight

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Brown Vetoes Bill Requiring Warrants for Drone Surveillance

ENGINEERING: Police Motorcycles Go Green

ENGINEERING: NASA Telescopes Detect Clear Skies, Water Vapor on Exoplanets

ENGINEERING:  Underwater Robots Could Increase Port Security

ENGINEERING: Triton UAV Completes Cross-Country Navy Test  Now hear this: Simple fluid waveguide performs spectral analysis in a manner similar to the cochlea

DAILY MAIL:  Countdown to Mars: Nasa starts final assembly of huge rockets to test spacecraft it hopes will take man to the red planet

BUSINESS INSIDER:  Here's How Apple Is Making Its New HQ 'The Greenest Building On The Planet'

FORBES:  Has Marissa Had Enough Of This Yahoo Turnaround?

FORBES:  Forbes 400: Richest Americans Facing Tougher Competition In China Business

BBC:  Argentina found to be in contempt of court by US judge

BLOOMBERG:  Toyota Faces New Unintended Acceleration Probe

FORBES:  The Most Amazing PCs Of September 2014

THE ECONOMIST: Farming in the Netherlands. Polder and wiser. Dutch farmers add sustainability to their enviable productivity.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 27, 2014)

ENGADGET:  Google's data-transferring tool gets a shiny new interface

BLOOMBERG:  Ford Due for Ratings Boost as Profit Returns to 1999 Level: Cars

BLOOMBERG: A Primer on the Deadly Math of Ebola

BLOOMBERG: Kaiser Permanente's Genetic Database Is Boon to Medical Research

Get Your Leather and Meat from a Local Manufacturer Named Modern Meadow

UNIVERSE TODAY:  Busy Spaceport: There are Now Five Spaceships Parked at the Space Station

POPULAR SCIENCE:  The Week In Drones: Drones Fight Ebola, Iranian Dogfighters, And More

SCIENCE ALERT:  Scientists have discovered an on/off switch for ageing cells

CIO:  4 Tips to Help CIOs Land a Seat on the Board

REUTERS:  Secret tapes of Fed meetings on Goldman prompt call for U.S. hearings

REUTERS: German courts uphold ban on Uber ride-share service

REUTERS:  Microsoft offers first look at new Windows - and gives it a name

LINKEDIN:  "Getting Apple, Microsoft and Fortune-500s to Uninterruptedly Buy From You!" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

“... Practice makes perfect ...”

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Friday, September 26, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 26, 2014)

Silver-Bullet-Proofing Your Prospective Client's Trust In You Into Success!

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Sony Dreams of Profit With Morpheus Virtual-Reality Headset

CIO:  3 Security Practices That IoT Will Disrupt

FINANCIAL TIMES:  It's Google versus News Corp: round 2! 

ENGADGET:  New Oculus Rift prototype brings out the best in virtual reality

FORD: Automated Vehicles. Accident Avoidance and Driver Assist Technologies

FASTCODESIGN: See The Big Bang Of The Next Internet. What will the Internet look like when web pages fade away and 3-D avatars take over? Here, we get an early glimpse.

BLOOMBERG: Intel Spends $1.5 Billion to Bolster China Market Access

FINANCIALTIMES: E&Y: "If someone has a GPA in the lower 3.0 range There needs to be a reason [for it]."

CIO:  Yahoo reports a drop in government data requests

SCIENCE ALERT:  Scientists have "hacked" photosynthesis, and it could help them speed up food production

FORTUNE:  India’s Prime Minister Modi wants Coke, Pepsi to use more fruit juic

THE ECONOMIST:  Energy in Europe

TECH CRUNCH:  Digital Telepathy Is The Future Of The Human Species

THE ECONOMIST: The economics of small states. Big problems for little countries

FINANCIAL TIMES: Hope fades out of Indonesian markets

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 25, 2014)

LINKEDIN:  "Litmus-Testing Your Corporate Strategy Into For-Cash Victory!" by

FAST COMPANY: DHL Will Begin Testing Drones (Flying Robots) Deliveries On Friday

GNC:  Soft robots will go where first responders can’t

INC:  What Google Looks for in New Hires

FORBES:  Nearly A Third Of All Female Prisoners Worldwide Are Incarcerated In The United States [Infographic]

GIZMODO:  Meet Google's Robot Army. It's Growing.

DAILY MAIL: Google's robot dog 'Cujo' goes on patrol with the Marines as it carries up to 400lbs of their kit and weapons

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  FORBES: Is Strategy Dead? 7 Reasons The Answer May Be Yes

BLOOMBERG:  Occupational Hazards of Working on Wall Street

BLOOMBERG:  Obama's War Isn't Bush's Mistake

BLOOMBERG:  Rich-on-Rich Warfare in U.S. Politics

CSC: 3D Printing and the Future of Manufacturing [REPORT]

ZDNET: UPS expands 3D printing services across US

THE ECONOMIST:  Global Markets and the world's economy, Losing momentum

FINANCIAL TIMES: Philippines swings into trade deficit

CNBC:  How 3-D printing will radically change the world

FORBES:  The Future Of 3D Printing And Manufacturing

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW:  3-D Printing Will Change the World

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Google’s Moonshot Chief Claims Progress on Project Loon Balloons

THE ECONOMIST: Tesco's accounting problems. Britain's biggest retailer is in worse trouble than previously thought.

TECH COCKTAIL:  5 Experts Weigh In on the Future of 3D Printing

REUTERS:  GM compensation fund makes first offers to victims, gets more claims

REUTERS: Apple iPhone rollout marred by ‘bendgate,’ dropped cell service

READY NASA.  MOSCOW TIMES: Russia to Inject Massive New Funding Into International Space Station

MOSCOW TIMES:  Poll: Putin Seen by Russians as Highest Moral Authority

NEXT GOV:  FBI Plans Rapid DNA Dragnets

GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE:  Need to Know Memo: A Strategic Approach to Cybersecurity

GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE:  CDC Predicts As Many As 1.4 Million Ebola Cases by Early 2015

BLOOMBERG:  Goldman Sees Topix Decline as Abe Exhausts Policy Tools

GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE:  5 Factors That Reduce Cloud Complexity (While Increasing Security)

DER SPIEGEL:   The Syrian Front: Waiting to Die in Aleppo

DER SPIEGEL:  German Central Bank Head Weidmann: 'The Euro Crisis Is Not Yet Behind Us'

NORWAY TODAY:  Environmental activists disappointed over Norway at climate summit

HEW YORK TIMES:  Exposing Hidden Bias at Google

NEW YORK TIMES:  Under New Leadership, BlackBerry Unveils the Passport, Its Newest Smartphone

NO DOPE BUT WORK. WALL STREET JOURNAL:  China's Tech Factories Turn to Student Labor

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  The U.S. Postal Service wants to deliver more groceries for Inc.,


FORBES:  Mobile Master: KakaoTalk Creator Becomes One Of South Korea's Richest Billionaires

FORBES:  Amazon Begins Contacting Developers For Secret Smart Home Projects

FORBES:  Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors: Part Of America's Long-Term Energy Future?

FORBES:  Wal-Mart Really Wants To Be Your Bank, Retailer Launches Mobile Checking Account

FORTUNE: General Motors appoints its first cybersecurity officer

FUTURE OBSERVATORY:  Litmus-Testing Your Corporate Strategy Into For-Cash Victory!

KAI:  New UHF RFID technology helps robots find household objects

KAI:  Soft robotics ‘toolkit’ features everything a budding robot-maker needs …

THE GUARDIAN:  Russia’s eavesdropping on phone calls examined by Strasbourg court

A RESERVE-CURRENCY UNDERMINER. THE GUARDIAN: Bitcoin-mining computer company faces shutdown by US authorities

BUSINESS INSIDER:  This Giant Solar-Powered Plane Is Going To Circumnavigate The Earth

I FEEL SORRY FOR BOEING. CNN:  Airbus to help develop first supersonic business jet

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 24, 2014)

COLUMN-Efficiency, the invisible energy revolution: John Kemp

EBN:  Apple Perfects Global Supply Chain

NEW YORK TIMES:  Testing Future Conditions for the Food Chain


Fossil Fuel Divestment Joined by the Founders of Standard Oil

MOSCOW TIMES: Russia's Black Sea Fleet Will Get 80 New Warships to Repel NATO

MOSCOW TIMES: Russia's Military Purchases Drive Manufacturing Growth, Hiding Stagnation Beyond

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  Robotics & Artificial Intelligence.  Latest in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  We Are Playing God with a Declassified Future [Excerpt]

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  Personal Drones: Are They a Public Hazard?

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  China Plans Supercollider

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Transistor Successor Set to Bring on "The Machine" Age Soon

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  Will Automation Take Our Jobs?

TECHCRUNCH:  Video: Cirque du Soleil Does Its Thing… With Drones

NEW SCIENTIST:  Watch a swarm of 1000 mini-robots assemble into shapes

MASHABLE: Facebook Further Reveals Plans for Internet-Connected Drones (Flying Bots)

MASHABLE: These Tiny Robots Can Self-Assemble into Different Shapes

TECHCRUNCH: The “Robo Brain” Will Use The Internet To Teach Robots

FAST COMPANY:  The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Robotics

FAST COMPANY: Can Jibo, The Family Robot, Make The World More Beautiful?

FASTCODESIGN:  Control This Art Museum's Robots From The Comfort Of Your Couch

BBC:  Robot builders inspired by animal kingdom

THE GUARDIAN: 'Killer robots' pose threat to peace and should be banned, UN warned, taking jobs and lives!

THE GUARDIAN: Are the robots about to rise? Google's new director of engineering thinks so…

THE ECONOMIST: New roles for technology.  Rise of the robots

THE ECONOMIST: Robots, Immigrants from the future

ROBOHUB: The Economist 14-page Special Report: Rise of the Robots—Cool!

FAST COMPANY: How The "Internet Of Things" Is Turning Cities Into Living Organisms

FAST COMPANY:  The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In The Internet Of Things

FAST COMPANY:  In Boston, The Internet of Things Is Already In Front Of Your Face

FASTCODESIGN:  Could This Idiotic Product Help "The Internet Of Things" Go Mainstream?

FASTCODESIGN:  Google And Berg Team Up To Create An Internet Of Things

ENGAGEDT:  Huawei's just bought an internet-of-things startup

REUTERS:  Verizon hires TAP Advisors to plan sale of assets

YAHOO NEWS:  The Internet of Things Will Provide Top Companies Huge Opportunity

Davos: Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer says Internet of Things will create 'tipping point'

ENGADGET:  The Internet of Things isn't safe: thousands of smart gadgets hacked to send spam and phishing emails

WIRED: In the Programmable World and Human Minds, All Our Objects Will Act as One

WIRED:  Everything Is Hyper Connected in the Internet of Things

WIRED:  Why Tech’s Best Minds Are Very Worried About the Internet of Things

SAS:  What is the Internet of Things?

MASHABLE:  70 Percent of Internet of Things Devices Are Vulnerable to Hacking, Study Says

MASHABLE:  Samsung, Dell and Intel to Create New 'Internet of Things' Standard

TECHCRUNCH:  Seed Is Creating A Truly Idiot-Proof Internet Of Things

THE GUARDIAN: The internet of things - the next big challenge to our privacy

PANDO DAILY:  For GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, the Internet of Things is about saving the planet

LIVE SCIENCE:  Power of the Future: 10 Ways to Run the 21st Century

FOREIGN AFFAIRS:  Halfway There. Why the Left Wins on Culture and Always Loses on Economics

PHYS ORG:  Scientists create 'evolved' protein that may stop cancer from spreading

ENGINEERING:  Turning Toxic Waste into Batteries

ENGINEERING:  VEST - sensory substitution for patients with hearing loss

SLATE:  Drooling on Your Shoes or Living Long and Prospering?

BBC FUTURE:  Life expectancy: How long will you live?

THE ECONOMIST:  Longevity and Healthy Aging

THE ECONOMIST: Electric cars. Fully charged

THE GUARDIAN:  Volvo and Renault lead way as electric car sales double in EU

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  BMW to Deliver Electric Car in China in September 2014

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: If the Fuel Source Ain't Clean, Your Electric Car Ain't Green

TECHCRUNCH:  Bitcoin’s Price Skyrockets Following PayPal’s Hug

WIRED:  Forget GMOs. The Future of Food Is Data—Mountains of It

NEW YORK TIMES:  Still No Flying Cars? Debating Technology’s Future

NEW SCIENTIST:  Why electric car maker Tesla has torn up its patents

BBC:  Speedy charging driving a global boom in electric cars

NEW YORK TIMES:  Google’s Next Phase in Driverless Cars: No Steering Wheel or Brake Pedals

WASHINGTON POST:  Google’s new driverless car has no brakes or steering wheel

TECHCRUNCH:  PRSS Digital Magazine Platform Acquired By Apple

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:  Indian mission reaches Mars

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:  Last-ditch effort for TPP agreement gets under way

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:  Japan to help train 14,000 climate change experts

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:   With Japan trip likely postponed, Putin still willing to talk

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:  Japan's latest robot is a quizmaster

INDIA WILL BE THE WORLD'S SUPERPOWER # 1.  CNN:  India's spacecraft inches closer to Mars... and history

INDIA TIMES: Google India: Partnering with Modi government to accelerate Digital India programme

Authored By Mr. Andres Agostini
White Swan Book Author 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 23, 2014)

WASHINGTON POST: United Way to begin accepting donations in Bitcoin

Computer Models Tell Us That This Ebola Pandemic Could Soon Kill Millions

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:  The power of digitization

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:  With growth flagging, Vietnam kicks up privatization

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:  US supports rapprochement between Japan, neighbors: Kennedy

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:  South Korean company feeding Southeast Asia's appetite for Japanese anime

REUTERS:  Apple sells more than 10 million new iPhones in first three days

REUTERS: U.S. opposes linking Iran cooperation on Islamic State to nuclear talks

REUTERS:  White House intruder had 800 rounds of ammunition in car: prosecutor

DER SPIEGEL:  Europe's Original Sin: What Asylum Policy Says about the EU

DER SPIEGEL:  Sharing Burdens: Germany to Urge Shift in EU Refugee Policy

MOSCOW TIMES: Kudrin: Russia Faces Years of Stagnation

MOSCOW TIMES: Kremlin Adviser Says Russia Should Return to Capital Controls

NEW YORK TIMES: Hurd: Oracle Takes On Microsoft in the Cloud

Climate Skeptics Point to World Population as the Real Problem

NEW YORK TIMES: Making Big Data Think Bigger

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Obama Administration Issues New Rules to Combat Tax Inversions

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  New Level of Smartphone Encryption Alarms Law Enforcement

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  What Happens to Yahoo’s Stock Now that Alibaba Is Public?

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Google’s Recipe for EU’s Digital Agenda

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Yahoo’s Core Business Value Cut in Half to $6.8 Billion After Alibaba IPO

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Need Room Service? A Google-Backed Robot May Knock at Your Door

WALL STREET JOURNAL:   In Silicon Valley, Awe, Dread and Hope for Alibaba

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: 3D printer, 20 mice now en route to space station

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: MAVEN now successfully orbiting Mars. What's next? (+video)

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR:  Why is NASA flying planes over Alaska?

NORWAY TODAY:  Arctic ice at its lowest level in years

NORWAY TODAY:  Russia warns Finland against joining NATO

NORWAY TODAY: PST: More Islamists back from Syria

BLOOMBERG: Crackdown Targets Inversions Designed to Limit U.S. Taxes


BLOOMBERG: World Bank Says Ebola’s Spread May Have Catastrophic Cost

BLOOMBERG: Global Warming (Global Existential Risk of the Planetary Climate) Is Here: Live Coverage of Climate Week 2014

BLOOMBERG:  Billionaire’s Supersonic-Jet Plan Gets Help From Airbus

BLOOMBERG: Rockefeller Fund Built on Oil to Abandon Fossil Fuels

LINKEDIN: Getting Fortune 500 Prospective Client's Cash, Continually and Successfully!

THE ECONOMIST:  Cloud computing. Silver lining. Tech giants are waging a price war to win other firms’ computing business

BLOOMBERG:  China Manufacturing Gauge Tops Estimates in Support for Growth

THE ECONOMIST:  Corporate computing. The rise of cloud computing is forcing old adversaries to work together.

NPR:  Experts Warn Of Turbulent Trip To Cloud Computing

WIRED:  Money Is Pouring Into Tech Like It’s 1999—And That’s Not Good

THE INTERCEPT:  Apple Still Has Plenty of Your Data for the Feds

VENTURE BEAT: Eric Schmidt to European Union: Accept Uber-style disruption or face unemployment

Intel Powers DIY 3D-Printed Robots

NPR:  The Summer Of 2014 Has Been A Messy Time For The World

KAI:  Ultra-thin diamond nanothreads are strongest, stiffest materials

KAI:  Russian scientists create ultrahard ‘Fullerite’ material at room temperature and lower pressure

Authored By Mr. Andres Agostini
White Swan Book Author

Monday, September 22, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 22, 2014)

THE INDEPENDENT: A SpaceX cargo ship rocketed toward the International Space Station yesterday, carrying the first 3D printer for astronauts in orbit.

3D PRINTING:  3D Re-Printer Concept – All-in-one Plastic Recycling 3D Printer

FOREIGN POLICY:  Stuff I didn't know: Earth's rotation affects the accuracy of long-range shells

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: How printable organs will change the future of medicine

Rowbot Robot Tends to Farmers’ Fields

THE ECONOMIST:  How Alibaba measures up. China's big e-commerce site dominates its American peers.

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:  What makes Switzerland so competitive?

THE ECONOMIST:  The internet of things. Home, hacked home. The perils of connected devices.

THE ECONOMIST: The language of the internet of things. More and more devices are becoming connected, but will they speak the same language? 

FINANCIAL TIMES: The Connected Business. Need-to-know: A guide to the internet of things.

RREUTERS: Exclusive: Siemens near deal to buy Dresser-Rand - sources

REUTERS:  Exclusive: Iran seeks give and take on Islamic State militants, nuclear program

REUTERS: SoftBank estimates $4.6 billion gain from Alibaba listing

REUTERS:  Facebook's Oculus unveils new virtual reality prototype device

REUTERS:  Rocket Internet CEO stands to lift stake via options: report

MORE WWIII. MOSCOW TIMES: One-Fifth of Russia's Oil Production Is at Risk Due to Sanctions

MOSCOW TIMES:  Russia's Banks Make 'Colossal' Efforts to Find Funding as Sanctions Bite

MOSCOW TIMES:  Russian Strategic Bombers Approached U.S. Borders

THE ECONOMIST: The internet of things (to be hacked). Hooking up gadgets to the web promises huge benefits. But security must not be an afterthought.

INC:  3 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Learn from Joan Rivers

CISCO:  What is the Internet of Everything?

TIME:   The Next Big Thing for Tech: The Internet of Everything

FORBES:  How The Internet Of Everything Transforms Traditional Industries

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:  Climate targets have failed. Time to try something new

THE ECONOMIST: Bioethics. It's not about miracles or monsters. A hands-on look at some hard, practical questions in bioethics

FOREIGN AFFAIRS:  ISIS Goes to Asia. Extremism in the Middle East Isn't Only Spreading West

GIZMODO: A Common Bacteria Can Be Injected Directly Into Tumors to Fight Cancer

WASHINGTON POST:  The coming era of unlimited — and free — clean energy

By Mr. Andres Agostini 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 21, 2014)

GE INTELLIGENT PLATFORMS:  High-performance Automation for a Connected World

CNN:  View from Russia: Could Putin be in Obama's 'broad coalition' against ISIS?

YAHOO NEWS: Russian fighters intercepted by U.S. near Alaska

YAHOO NEWS: Russian fighters intercepted by U.S. near Alaska

GLOBAL NEWS: Canadian and U.S. jets intercepted Russian planes over Arctic: Norad


FOX NEWS: F-22 fighters intercept Russian military planes 55 miles off Alaska

RT:  Spare parts in space: NASA to send ISS its first 3D printer

NASA:  3D Printing: Food in Space

NASA: 3D Printing In Zero-G Technology Demonstration (3D Printing In Zero-G)

SPACE COM:  How NASA Is Launching 3D Printing Into Space

GIZMODO:  NASA Is Blasting the First 3D Printer Into Space Tonight

THE VERGE:  The International Space Station is about to get its first 3D printer

CBS:  A Pill To Treat Concussions Is On The Way

FORBES:  These Are Not Your Father's Solar Panels

MAX PLANCK INSTITUTE: A Map of Rosetta's Comet

THE ECONOMIC TIMES:  Bill Gates meets Narendra Modi, lauds focus on sanitation and banking for poor

TIMES UNION:      Russia - China relations"Russia reorients to the Orient" New monthly memo from Russia Direct 

TIMES OF INDIA:  It takes a solar lantern to change destinies

NEWS INDIA: U.S. seeks ‘talk and trade’ to rebuild India ties

BUSINESS INSIDER: Two Big Trends Will Fuel The Renewable Energy Boom For Years

BUSINESS INSIDER:  This Startup Is Replacing Phone And Tablet Batteries With Invisible Solar Panels

BUSINESS INSIDER:  9 Signs That Americans Will See Solar Power Everywhere Within The Decade

BUSINESS INSIDER: What If Giant Space-Based Solar Panels Could Beam Unlimited Power To The Earth?

Could the U.S. Military Be a Catalyst for Solar Energy?

THE GUARDIAN:  Solar energy cells you can print out catching commercial eye, says CSIRO

THE GUARDIAN:  Focus on the facts – wind energy works

BBC:  Generating electricity from wind power

BBC:  Cheap solar energy


By Mr. Andres Agostini    

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 20, 2014)

DARPA:  President Obama Highlights New DARPA Program Aimed at Developing Novel Therapies Customized to Individual Patients

Rising Tides – Mitigation versus Consternation

REUTERS: North Korea says imprisoned American tried to become 'second Snowden'

REUTERS:  French jets strike in Iraq, expanding U.S.-led campaign against Islamic State

REUTERS:  Other automakers to challenge Tesla in over-the-air software upgrades

BLOOMBERG: Al-Qaeda Spokesman Admits Embassy Plot as Judge Questions Deal

BLOOMBERG:  Protecting the Power Grid From Malware That Doesn’t Exist Yet

KAI:  A long-lasting, water-based nuclear-energy-powered battery

KAI: A new impermeable form of graphene oxide could be the ultimate protective coating

KAI:  Car hacking: who’s monitoring (or controlling) your car?

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW:  3-D Printing Will Change the World

SLATE:  A Very Matter-of-Fact Interview About the Russian Tradition of Arresting Billionaires and Taking Their Stuff

BBC: Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania form joint military unit

BBC: Six Russian fighter jets intercepted off Alaska

HUFF POST:  Canadian fighter jets intercept Russian bombers in Arctic

DESIGN ENGINEERING:  NASA’s JPL develops multi-metal 3D printing process

NASA:  Printing the Metals of the Future

BBC:  eBay security flaw has existed for months

SCIENCE MAG:  Gene therapy helps weak mice grow strong

LA TIMES: A theory for toddlers' turbo-charged learning style. The lack of a fully formed prefrontal cortex -- the section of the brain that keeps an adult 'on task' -- may help young kids accumulate knowledge rapidly, a study suggests.

(CNN) -- 2 US. jets intercepted six Russian planes that neared U.S. airspace off Alaska on Thursday and Canadian planes intercepted 2 Russian bombers that approached Canadian airspace, NORAD reported.

MOSCOW TIMES:  Putin Seeks Ways to Cut Russia Off From the Internet

PEW RESEARCH: AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs

Internet of Everything is a $4.6 trillion opportunity for global public-sector organizations over the next decade

NATURE AND SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  The Long Slow Rise of Solar and Wind

NATURE: Economics: Manufacture renewables to build energy security

WALL STREET JOURNAL: GlaxoSmithKline Found Guilty of Bribery in China

ADAGE:  Hey, CMO: Larry Ellison and Oracle Want Your Business As Tech Titans Race to Dominate the Marketing Cloud, Oracle and Others Are Courting the New Decision Makers -- You

PHYS ORG: Quick-change materials break the silicon speed limit for computers

ECONOMICALLY, EXPECT ZERO. PEW RESEARCH: World Remains Glum about Economic Prospects

PEW RESEARCH CENTER:  Global Public Downbeat about Economy. Many Wary of the Future and the Present.

BLOOMBERG:  Pena Nieto Heads to New York After Energy Overhaul Moves

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Chinese Views of India: Culturally Rich but Backward

PEW RESEARCH:  Indians Reflect on Their Country & the World. Troubled by Economic Problems, Corruption, Pakistan and China.

BUSINESS INSIDER:  Alibaba Is Already The Fourth Most Valuable Technology Company In The World

THE NATO CONSEQUENCES. BREAKING DEFENSE: Army Scrambles On 4 Continents: Odierno Previews New Doctrine

By Mr. Andres Agostini   

Friday, September 19, 2014

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  It's Time to Take Artificial Intelligence Seriously. No Longer an Academic Curiosity, It Now Has Measurable Impact on Our Lives

Blue Origin to Replace Russia’s RD-180 for U.S. Rocket Flights

CBSNEWS: Popular Science picks best inventions for 2014

BUSINESS INSIDER: World Bank: Economic Impact Of Ebola Outbreak Could Be 'Catastrophic'

BUSINESS INSIDER: A Declassified CIA Paper Shows How Close The US And The Soviets Really Came To War In 1983

BUSINESS INSIDER:  Scientists Have Detected A New Stellar Explosion That Might Be A Supernova

THE ECONOMIST: The rise and rise of Xi Jinping. Xi who must be obeyed

KAI: Capturing the motion of a single molecule in real time as it oscillates from one quantum state to another

KAI: Measuring the motion patterns of bacteria in real time

KAI: Twisting radio beams to transmit ultra-high-speed data

NATURE: Machine learning approaches to genomics

MAX PLANCK INSTITUTE:  Intelligent Systems: Perception - Action - Learning

MAX PLANCK INSTITUTE:  Machine Learning - Pioneering Research Network

WIRED: A Military-Grade Drone That Can Be Printed Anywhere

REUTERS: Alibaba IPO prices at top of range, raising $21.8 billion

REUTERS:  SAP agrees to buy expense software maker Concur for $7.3 billion

REUTERS: Qualcomm shows off robot technology, but mum on China dispute

BLOOMBERG: Alibaba Overtakes Amazon as Most Highly Valued Online Retailer

FORBES: FDA Approves Lilly's Once-Weekly Shot For Diabetes


THE ECONOMIST:  MANAGEMENT thinkers have paid surprisingly little attention to how Chinese firms are run.

FINANCIAL TIMES: Lotus to cut workforce by more than a quarter

AMERICAN SCIENTIST: Computers get faster every year, but Seth Lloyd thinks he has the limit finally in sight.

IEEE Spectrum:  Wine Critics Watch Out: Artificial Tongues Are Getting Better

SCIENCE DAILY:  First blood test to diagnose depression in adults

PHYS ORG:  Spacesuits of the future may resemble a streamlined second skin

PHYS ORG:  World population to keep growing this century, hit 11 billion by 2100

ENGINEERING: Airbus Patents a VRHelmet to Make Flying LessAgonizing

ENGINEERING:  Harvard Awarded DARPA Exosuit Contract

MAX PLANCK INSTITUTE:  New 3D-image modelling technology enables anyone to have a 3D digital doppelgänger

THE ATLANTIC:  What Happens When We All Live to 100?

NEW SCIENTIST: Quantum internet could keep us safe from spying eyes

NATURE:  Need an organ? Just print some stem cells in 3D

TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: 3-D Printing for the Masses. A rapid-prototyping service opens up technology to hobbyists and designers.

NEW YORKER: Does Silicon Valley Have a Contract-Worker Problem?

STANFORD UNIVERSITY:  3-D printing creates murky product liability issues, Stanford scholar says

REUTERS:  Home Depot breach bigger than Target at 56 million cards

MOSCOW TIMES:  Russia's Gas Supply Cuts to Europe Bolster Gazprom's Bargaining Power

MOSCOW TIMES:  Anti-Aircraft Missile Lands Near Chita

DER SPIEGEL:   Germany's Ailing Infrastructure: A Nation Slowly Crumbles

THE ECONOMIST: Self-driving cars. Coming to a street near you.  NASA to grow 3D printed space wood

CNN: The next frontier in 3-D printing: Human organs

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Flying High. The Improbable Rise of the Gulf Airlines

FOREIGN AFFAIRS:  The End of Swedish Exceptionalism. Why the Elections Mark a New Era for Politics

FOREIGN AFFAIRS:  The End of Swedish Exceptionalism. Why the Elections Mark a New Era for Politics

FOREIGN AFFAIRS:   Europe's Jewish Problem. The Misunderstood Rise of European Anti-Semitism

FOREIGN AFFAIRS:   Europe's Jewish Problem. The Misunderstood Rise of European Anti-Semitism

FOREIGN POLICY:  Hammered by the West, Putin Turns East. Russia and China are close to another mammoth natural gas deal that could reshape the world's energy map.


By Mr. Andres Agostini   

Thursday, September 18, 2014

MAKE: The Idea Builder: Dremel Releases a Mass-Market 3D Printer

REUTERS:  Chinese hacked U.S. military contractors, Senate panel finds

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR:   Chinese hackers penetrating key computer networks for Pentagon, report finds


What Do Suzuki, General Electric, and Toyota have in Common?


By Mr. Andres Agostini 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BLOOMBERG:  Did You Know You Had Diabetes? It's All Over the Internet

THE ECONOMIST:  Getting to know you. Everything people do online is avidly followed by advertisers and third-party trackers

THE REGISTER:  Hackers-for-hire raided 300 banks, corporates for TWELVE YEARS

Every Government Official Should Read This – Choosing Between Economic Growth and Fighting Climate Change is No Longer An Issue

No One Should Think That Money Spent on NASA is a Waste

MASHABLE: World’s First 3D Printed Car Took Years to Design, But Only 44 Hours to Print

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Beauty in Math and Art Activate Same Brain Area

FT:  Brace of British universities ranked in global top three

BUSINESS INSIDER: PayPal Uses Apple's Nude Selfie Scandal To Take A Shot At Apple Pay

COMPUTERWORLD:  NASA launches massive cloud migration

EXTREMETECH: The future of permanent, fully integrated prosthetic limbs and bionic implants

KAI: New algorithm enables MIT cheetah robot to run and jump, untethered, across grass

PHYS ORG: Physicists design zero-friction quantum engine

KAI:  Camouflaging metamaterials create the LCD color display of the future

KAI: How a quantum computer could defeat a classical computer

CNN: Billionaire Peter Thiel tells Apple: Innovate more

REUTERS: Boeing, SpaceX win contracts to build 'space taxis' for NASA

REUTERS: Russians love their children, too – but that alone won’t stop a nuclear 

REUTERS: U.S. general says ground forces cannot be ruled out in war on Islamic State

NATURE: Google and NASA snap up quantum computer

PRINCETON UNIVERSITY:  'Solid' light could compute previously unsolvable problems

DER SPIEGEL:   Airstrike Uncertainties: Obama's Dangerously Vague New War

DER SPIEGEL:  Islamic State in Iraq: 'They Know Exactly What They Are Doing'

MOSCOW TIMES:  14 Ways Russia Can Retaliate to Western Sanctions


By Mr. Andres Agostini   

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CIO:  New Data Center Protects Against Solar Storms and Nuclear EMPs

SLATE:  You Should Be Terrified of Superintelligent Machines

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Server Farms

An Explosion of New Roads for the 21st Century

To Good-Luck or Not To Bad-Luck, What Is The Question?

BUSINESS INSIDER:  This Crazy Robot Keeps Going Even After Being Run Over And Lit On Fire Read more:

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW:  Capitalism’s Future Is Already Here

ARMY TIMES:  'American War Generals' a sobering reflection on U.S. failures in Iraq

IEEE SPECTRUM: MIT Cheetah Robot Bounds Off Tether, Outdoors

REUTERS:  NATO could have trouble combatting Putin’s military strategy

MASHABLE:  The Rise of the Robot Pitchman

NEW YORK TIMES: Sun and Wind Alter Global Landscape, Leaving Utilities Behind

DER SPIEGEL:  The NSA Breach of Telekom and Other German Firms

MOSCOW TIMES: Sanctions Squeeze Western Oil Service Companies Out of Russia

SCIENCE OF SINGULARITY: Silicon Valley Investor Backs $1 Million Prize to End Death

Why Toyota is World's Number 1!

MOSCOW TIMES:  Russia's First Arctic Oil Rig Will Keep Pumping Despite Sanctions

USA TODAY: Secret reason Amazon should fear Alibaba

FOREIGN POLICY: Israel Wants to Join the Coalition Against the Islamic State.  But is this just Bibi playing politics?

FOREIGN POLICY:  The Best Defense Given all that is going on, why is 'International Security' so damn boring?

FOREIGN POLICY:  NATO Owes Putin a Big Thank-You

FOREIGN POLICY:  Putin's Nuclear Option. Would Russia's president really be willing to start World War III?

FOREIGN POLICY:  The West's Tricky Economic War With Russia. What if Russians are feeling the squeeze of sanctions but Putin doesn't care?

FT: US alarmed by prospect of Scottish ‘Yes’ in independence vote

CERN:  Awakening the potential of plasma acceleration

ABC SCIENCE: Scientists 'reset' stem cells to early, pristine stage

SLATE:  Silicon Valley Has Officially Run Out of Ideas

REUTERS:  Iran supreme leader spurns U.S. overture to fight Islamic State

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL:  China Set to Step Up Investment in India. Leaders Set to Discuss Plans for Bullet Trains, Billions of Dollars in Investment



FINANCIAL REVIEW:  World of cold showers unless we develop gas supply


THE ECONOMIST:  If Scotland gains independence it will need a new currency and a new central bank

FT:  Berlin pushes Google to reveal search engine formula

FT: Europe shuns growth in favour of ‘safety first’. It is the burning question for Europe – will it ever again grow at a reasonable rate?

BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS:  The argument for a hypersonic missile testing ban

BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS:  Worldwide deployments of nuclear weapons, 2014

NEW YORK TIMES:  What We’re Afraid to Say About Ebola

FOREIGN POLICY:  Don't Like That Israel Has the Bomb? Blame Nixon.

BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS:   From nuclear bombs to killer robots: how amoral technologies become immoral weapons

BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS:  In Malaysia Airlines tragedy, echoes of a US act

BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS:   Why NATO should eliminate its tactical nukes, despite Russian belligerence


By Mr. Andres Agostini 

Monday, September 15, 2014

TED:  Why we will rely on robots

New York Climate Summit Report Card – Who is Tackling Climate Change Best?

WASHINGTON POST: A worrying factor in Ukraine’s chaos: 15 nuclear reactors

WASHINGTON POST:  Lobbying on the ‘Internet of Things

CLOSER TO M.A.D. WIII.  BBC: Nato members 'start arms deliveries to Ukraine'

WIRED: When Robots Take All the Work, What’ll Be Left for Us to Do?

REUTERS: NATO countries have begun arms deliveries to Ukraine: defense minister

REUTERS: TAG Heuer has plans for smartwatch

NEW REPUBLIC:  This Is What It Will Look Like When Robots Take All Our Jobs

NBC NEWS: Nine jobs that humans may lose to robots

THE ATLANTIC:  The Robots Are Coming, but Are They Really Taking Our Jobs?

THE GUARDIAN:  Will robots take our jobs? Experts can't decide

YAHOO NEWS:  Swiss banks at crossroads as secrecy goes up in smoke

PEW RESEARCH CENTER: As machines (robots)  take on more human work, what’s left for us?

PEW RESEARCH CENTER: 56% Americans Say They Are ‘Falling Behind’ Financially

Eliminating a Universal Fallacy!

PEW RESEARCH CENTER: Indians among most likely in the world to see extremist groups as ‘major threat’

PEW RESEARCH CENTER:  The countries most optimistic and pessimistic about their economic future

PEW RESEARCH CENTER: School days: How the U.S. compares with other countries

MOSCOW TIMES: Russian Cosmonauts Prepare for Launch

MOSCOW TIMES:  U.S., EU Ramp Up Sanctions on Russia, Putin Warns of Retaliation

RAND CORPORATION:  China's Strategy Toward South and Central Asia


New Zealanders Preppers, Australian Preppers, British Preppers, and American Preppers WERE EXTREMELY RIGHT AND ACCURATE, not on the Treatment and Prescription, but on the Global Mundane Metastasis they lucid clear-eyed forecasted. I agree myself.

NATURE:  Japanese woman is first recipient of next-generation stem cells

CIO:  Google acquires online survey specialist Polar


By Mr. Andres Agostini 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Is Lowering Trade Barriers Incompatible with Mitigation Strategies to Address Climate Change?

FORBES: The Six Defining Traits Of The Successful 21st Century Organization

ENDGADGET:  Toyota tests ride-sharing with its adorable electric vehicles

REUTERS: Next for Corporate America: Body wires and wire taps?

REUTERS:  Cars that drive themselves starting to chat with each other

BLOOMBERG: Did You Know You Had Diabetes? It's All Over the Internet

ZDNET: Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning, book review: A sound but traditional approach

THE INDEPENDENT: Google account details of five million users 'leaked' on Russian Bitcoin Forum

FINANCIAL POST:  Ottawa ratifies foreign investment deal with China despite tensions

WASHINGTON POST:  The end of the iPod: Goodbye to the little box that changed everything

Uber, allies kick off campaign to brand ‘Big Taxi’

THE GUARDIAN: Big data and open data: what's what and why does it matter?

DEMOCRATIC MEDIA: How the Guardian uses “Big Data” to help its advertisers target users/News orgs should be in forefront addressing privacy online

FORBES:  New Surveys On Big Data, Big Decisions, Analysis, And Intuition

FORBES:  Roundup Of Analytics, Big Data & Business Intelligence Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2014

FORBES:  The Big Potential of Big Data: A Field Guide for CMOs - See more at:

FORBES:  The Internet Of Things Will Radically Change Your Big Data Strategy

EXTREME TECH:  Cryogenic on-chip quantum electron cooling leads towards computers that consume 10x less power

FORTUNE:  The incredibly high cost of Americans' financial stupidity

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES:  Central Banks Watch: FOMC, Yellen in Focus While Norway, Switzerland, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa and Nigeria to Set Rates


IGNORAMUSES SEE BLACK SWANS. BLOOMBERG TV:  Komileva Likens a Scots `Yes' Vote to Black Swan Event

Century 21st Adaptability to Outright Success, Regardless of Hugely Indebted Nations and a Global Economy Disrupted

THE ECONOMIST:  The market for Islamic financial products is growing fast


Black Swans   VERSUS   White Swans!


By Mr. Andres Agostini